As the story established by Tim Burton’s Batman movies continues in a new comic book series, a detail from Crisis on Infinite Earths could come true.

One of the first worlds seen in the Arrowverse television crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was Earth-89, revealed as the reality show where Tim Burton’s acclaimed Batman movies were set. Briefly watched as their skies turned crimson to reflect the Anti-Monitor’s devastating attack on the DCTV Multiverse, Gotham Gazette Investigative reporter Alexander Knox is seen reading a newspaper before waiting for the Dark Knight to respond to the impending antimatter attack on his world.

And with Burton’s world of movies revised and continued in a digital comic series recently announced by Sam Hamm and Joe Quinones, that newspaper may have revealed some details about the post-movie world of the comic.

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In this short scene, Knox’s newspaper contains the headline that Batman had stopped the Joker, suggesting that the Jack Nicholson villain may have survived the events of Tim Burton in 1989. bat Man film. At the end of that movie, the Joker apparently died after falling from a ladder into a helicopter in which he was trying to escape. Although his body is never explicitly shown, the ending of the film certainly seems to imply that the Joker dies after taking a nosedive. a great height.

If this newspaper is any indication, the Joker may still be alive, after all, and continue to threaten this world’s version of Batman. As the villain of the movie this comic is named after, it certainly seems possible for the Joker to appear in the series in some way. Although he has yet to be mentioned in any promotional material for the series, his legacy will live on in the criminals he inspired, and he may even still be around to lead them.

Beyond that, the comic may also fulfill the promise of an Easter egg rumored to have appeared in the run-up to “Crisis,” where another copy of the Gotham City Gazette announced the marriage of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina was introduced in 1992 Batman Returns as a burdened secretary working for the industrial villain Max Schreck. After discovering Max’s shady dealings, including a plot to steal Gotham City’s surplus power in a planned power capacitor, Selina was killed by Max but resurrected by a group of cats to become Earth-89’s Catwoman. . While defending Gotham and taking on Max’s businesses across the city, Selina struck up a whirlwind of romance with Bruce, with both vigilantes initially unaware of each other’s alter egos. Selina is apparently electrocuted to death in a confrontation with Max, but it was revealed that she survived in Batman Returns‘final scene, with Bruce unaware of this development.

The Selina survival storyline was originally planned to be explored in a spinoff film, with Pfeiffer prepares to reprise his fan-favorite role. As pre-production of 1995 Batman forever moved forward without Burton as a director, Burton partnered with Batman Returns screenwriter Daniel Waters on the planned 1993 Catwoman spin-off. The planned project would have caused Selina to suffer amnesia after her near-death experience and leave Gotham to recuperate at a desert resort before claiming Catwoman’s mantle . However, with the new direction of Batman forever overcoming Batman Returns At the box office, plans for the spinoff were shelved to focus on a direct sequel to the 1995 Batman movie.

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The announcement of the Batman ’89 The comic book miniseries confirmed that Selina was scheduled to reappear in the story in an unknown capacity. Whether these plans will incorporate Waters and Burton’s original plans for the character or will simply reprise their final appearance in Batman ReturnsThe final scene is unclear, but QuiƱones’s concept art for the series indicates that there is a slight jump in time from the events of the 1992 film, with a visibly older Bruce seen again in action as Batman. This leaves the possibility that Bruce may have learned of Selina’s survival in the intervening years, although a rekindled romance is far from certain.

Still, almost thirty years since Batman Returns, Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina will finally reunite in comic book form this summer, which could resolve a plot thread that was left open for 30 years later. Batman Returns. And while Pfeiffer and Nicholson may not have reprized their Batman villain roles on the big screen, their stories likely continue in one last dance with the Dark Knight.

Written by Sam Hamm and illustrated by Joe QuiƱones, Batman ’89 goes on sale digitally on July 27, with a print issue planned for August before being compiled into a hardcover issue in October.

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