The latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations has just come to the life of Naruto’s closest being after he uses his ultimate form.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 55

Latest update of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations leaves fans in tears after killing Naruto’s beloved tailed beast, Kurama. NarutoThe plot revolves around the main character who has been used as a container for the strongest tailed beast known, a type of powerful monster. In order to seal the nine-tailed fox, Kurama, both of Naruto’s parents had to sacrifice themselves to protect him. This leads Naruto to live his life as an orphan and his custody falls to the leader of his village, the Third Hokage, who knows nothing about raising children. Being an orphan and a vessel for a powerful force at the same time often results in Naruto being isolated by his classmates and society. If it weren’t for Naruto’s strong will and determination, the series could have ended long ago with Naruto’s death.

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Despite all the odds, Naruto has struggled to belong and make friends. With Shikamaru and Choji being his first closest friends, Naruto manages to slowly expand his circle. Even though he is still tried and often feared for being the recipient of the Nine Tails, known as Jinchuriki, his friends treat him like just another part of the gang. Towards the end of Naruto, Naruto even befriends Kurama. Then master the power of Kurama and defeat Kaguya along with Sasuke and his Rinnegan, and at the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The series reveals that Naruto has finally achieved his dream of becoming the Hokage.

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Unfortunately, chapter 55 of the series has just claimed Kurama’s life. In exchange for using Baryon mode, Kurama tells Naruto that he will use all of his chakra and his life. Naruto, however, thinks that the Baryon mode will kill them both. Kurama intentionally misleads Naruto, as he knows that Naruto will not willingly sacrifice any life other than his own, no matter the case. Kurama has just revealed the truth the moment he is about to die.

Naruto and Kurama in Naruto

Naruto, still having no idea of ​​the true price of the Baryon mode, gives Kurama a mediocre parting speech. When Kurama tells the whole truth, he only has a few panels of text before his chakra finally perishes. Naruto then wakes up to Boruto holding his hand.

With Naruto’s biggest nerf yet, the series is sure to have major changes. Kurama’s loss of power reduces Naruto to another Konoha shinobi. He may no longer have the strength to protect the village on his own. Not only that, he has also lost the source of his immense chakra and super strength. With this, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations He firmly states that the series is all about Boruto and his generation, and that the older generation are nothing more than secondary characters.

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