With 100 Cat Shines for players to find in Bowser’s Fury, many can get lost. Here are all the Shines on the last three named islands and more.

There are 100 Cat Shines spread across the many Bowser’s Fury islands, this article will cover a quarter of them. We will cover the last three named islands and the Golden Lucky Islands here. That includes Roiling Roller Isle, Mount Magmeow, and Fur Step Island.

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Each of the islands will have five Cat Shines. The fifth Cat Shine from each named area has been divided into five shards. This results in nine items being found on each of the named islands.

Locate Cat Shines from Roiling Roller Isle to Lucky Isles in Bowser’s Fury

Turbulent Roller Island:

  • Make the lighthouse shine – This Cat Shine is directly in front of the shadowy lighthouse in this area.
  • Hurry! Hot Cross Run! – Head southeast and press the purple button to activate a race through the reel. Make it to the end in time to be rewarded with a cat glow.
  • Key to cat shine – Behind the shadowed lighthouse, players can collect a golden key. Take that to the cage near the shore at the entrance to the roller area. Unlock the cage to collect the Cat Shine.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – Near the shadowy lighthouse, but at ground level, players must find a set of fury blocks on the wall. When Fury Bowser attacks, stand in front of them to let him throw fire at them. A Shine cat rests behind the blocks on the wall.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first of the five shards can be found in the southwest, on one side of a rolling lava cube. Making Mario’s path from there, the second shard is on top of the tallest pile in Cat Goombas. Later on the way to the lighthouse, players will have the option to carry a bomb. Grab it and throw it into the second rolling bucket from there. This will break the wall by revealing the third shard. The fourth fragment is on the reel closest to the lighthouse. The last fragment is in the southwest, under an arched roller, very close to the lava.

Mount Magmeow:

  • Back off Cat Prince Bully – Defeat the Cat Prince Bully in the southwestern part of this area to receive the first Cat Shine.
  • On top of Mount Magmeow – In the north, on one of the upper floating rocks, on Mount Magmeow there is another Cat Shine to collect.
  • Hurry! Manage the switchboards! – In the southeast, Mario can press the purple button to trigger a run towards a Cat Shine. This race requires the player to climb up several sliding panels before time runs out to collect the cat glow.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – Near the center of the island, there are some large stone steps. To the right of them are four Fury Blocks on the wall. When Fury Bowser attacks, bow Mario in front of the Fury Blocks towards Bowser without entering the water. Then wait for him to break the blocks and reveal the Cat Shine behind them.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first fragment is near the center of the island, going up the steps. Once at the top, jump between this platform and the lava platform on the small green panel with arrows. Move the panel to the middle of the platform to collect the first fragment. Keep mounting the green panel onto a thin platform with the second shard on it. Stay on course until you are completely outside the green panel. As Mario climbs the stone platforms along the side of a wall, there is a third fragment between a main jump point that players will need to slide to. In the middle of the northern section of the island there will be another platform of green arrows that players can ride side by side. Take it all the way to the right and duck under the wall to see the Cat Shine room. In this same area section, break the wall of POW blocks for the fifth shard.

Skin pass island:

  • Make the lighthouse shine – This first fragment is a children’s corner for the fragment on a grass platform.
  • Junior Graffiti Gratitude – At the southern end of the thin part of the island, click on the question mark on the floor. This will have Bowser Jr. paint a picture of Mario and him there and present the player with another Cat Shine.
  • Raging shadow on deck – In the extreme southwest of this area, pursue and defeat Fury Shadow Luigi to be rewarded with another Cat Shine.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – In the southeast area, players can find a cube of Fury Blocks. Sit behind them when Fury Bowser attacks to destroy them and reveal a Cat Shine inside.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first fragment is on top of one of the Cat Goomba stacks near the lighthouse. Another is besides the warship off the coast, on the side facing the island. The third is about the shattered sails of the warship that crashed into the platform supporting the lighthouse. Under the forward bow of the same ship is the fourth fragment. At the southern tip of the island, climb the cat-shaped stone to find the last fragment.

Lucky Islands:

Each of these islands has five Cat Shines.

  • Lucky first shine – On the southwest side of the Slipskate Slope, players can climb to the top of the tower here and wait for the island to fall.
  • Lucky second shine – Near the center of the Crisp Climb Castle, this floating island can be found hanging over the edge of the top of the castle here.
  • Third lucky shine – This one is to the east of the gate of the Pipe Path Tower. Stroll around the hatch to the ramps to jump onto the island when you go down.
  • Fourth lucky shine – It’s near the southeast end of Roiling Roller Isle. At the top of the reels here, players should see a floating golden island.
  • Fifth shine of luck – In the north of Bounce Pounce Isle, this floating golden island is outside the area boundary with all the Bullet Bills cats.

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

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