Boyfriend of 90 days, season 8 couple Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are still together and have a baby according to spoilers, but new photos prove she’s a little girl.

The news of Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren’s pregnancy is out of the bag with a recent episode of 90 day fiancé season 8. And with the filming of the TLC show that took place over a year ago, it can be said that Jovi and Yara’s baby has been welcomed into the world. With more evidence added to the mix, fans seem to have discovered photos of 90 day fiancé starring Jovi and Yara’s girl from a recent vacation.

The growing disagreements between Jovi and Yara over 90 day fiancé It may have made fans skeptical and wonder if they’re still together. But the internet and Instagram suggest that Yara is still staying in the United States. After meeting on a travel app, Jovi and Yara toured the world for six months before getting engaged. But the reason for a hasty engagement was Yara’s first pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, so Jovi was not present. With Yara finally arriving in the United States in a K-1, Jovi and her family hinted that she was hungry for a green card multiple times. But at the same time, the Ukrainian woman began to doubt the seriousness with which he established himself. But when Yara’s three-month timer passed, 90 day fiancé Fans watched her get pregnant a second time, with an incredulous Jovi. But multiple pregnancy tests confirmed that Yara was having a baby with Jovi, proving the rumors that she would be born in September 2020.

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An official wedding document from 90 day fiancé The couple Yara and Jovi showed that they had married in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day in 2020 with her name curiously listed as Yaroslava Zalohna. Test across multiple 90 day fiancé Detectives included a screenshot of an Amazon baby registry by Yara and Jovi that revealed September 10, 2020 as the baby’s arrival date. Also, it showed Yara and Jovi’s location as Larose, Louisiana, and the multiple products listed were intended for “GirlsAnd especially in pink and white. Perhaps unknowingly, Yara also posted spoilers about herself and Jovi. 90 day fiancé newborn through his Christmas tree and decoration, with a baby ornament and one with a pink heart that has “motherWritten on it. An Instagram story of Yara watching 90 day fiancé At home he had a television cabinet with three Christmas stockings.

And now some 90 day fiancé Fans have discovered photos of Yara and Jovi from an apparent vacation in Miami. According to this tweet from 90DayFeyonce, Yara can be seen playing with a little girl sitting on a lady’s lap as Jovi watches. While the child’s face is not visible, more photos of TLC’s new parents will be in the works soon considering the curiosity around Yara and Jovi.

With the next episodes of 90 day fiancé Season 8 focuses on Yara and Jovi’s marriage and post-marriage plans, more drama can be expected in couples’ lives. But knowing they had a happy ending with a baby involved, one can be comfortable with stripper rumors or Jovi’s booze which isn’t really a problem at Yara. 90 day fiancé future.

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