Japanese video game developer Capcom has come under fire for replacing the Hong Kong flag with that of the People’s Republic of China.

Japanese video game developer Capcom recently released Arcade Stadium on Nintendo Switch, a collection of classic video games ranging from 1943: the battle of Midway to Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. The release features a number of alterations to those games, some of which have sparked backlash in Southeast Asia.

Super Street Fighter II featured a significant change to the flags that appeared on the character select screen. Specifically, the flag accompanying Fei Long, which used to be that of the Hong Kong SAR, has been replaced by the flag of the People’s Republic of China. It should be noted that the flag was replaced once before in 2018, from the British Hong Kong flag (also called the Dragon and Lion flag) to the modern Bauhina flag.

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It is important to note that tensions between Hong Kong and mainland China have been on the rise since the pro-democracy protest that erupted in 2019, resulting in the imposition of the National Security Law that came into effect in July 2020. The new legislation, imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing, is seen by many as a broad set of laws that criminalize all actions and expressions that may foster support for Hong Kong’s independence or any form of opposition to the Chinese Communist Party.

Street fighter iiFei Long was inspired by iconic Hong Kong-US action star Bruce Lee. Lee is credited with reshaping the portrayal of Asians in Hollywood movies. More recently, Lee’s name has been brought up in the context of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, as his famous quote, “Be water”, inspired the tactics that allowed protesters to continue demonstrating despite the protests. attempts by law enforcement agencies to suppress them. by using brutal tactics. The movement has received widespread support from neighboring Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

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Source: Twitter, via Stand News

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