In the latest issue of Captain America, Star Spangled Avenger just borrowed an outfit from her Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Captain America # 27, VC’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, Leonard Kirk, Matt Milla and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Captain America is usually not suitable for espionage. Wrapped up in his colorful suit, Steve Rogers typically finds himself on the front lines of the battlefield rather than sneaking off incognito. However, Captain America simply went against his normal tactics and attempted a covert strategy using a popular MCU costume.

The Sentinel of Liberty underwent this operation in Captain America # 27. In this issue, a rally was held in the middle of Central Park by various groups that spoke out against the recent actions of Captain America. Although Sharon Carter initially told Steve to stay away from the rally, she also believed that it could be a clue to finding The Red Skull and Alexa Lukin.

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Steve then accompanied Sharon on a mission to explore the rally. To disguise himself, Captain America used an image inducer that hid his disguise. Of course, even with the image inducer, Steve didn’t look that different from his usual civilian identity. He simply wore a baseball cap and jacket, with a few minor sideburns added in an effort to be inconspicuous. In general, Captain America did not take many measures to stay hidden.

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Steve’s costume here echoes his infamous look in the MCU. Whenever Captain America ran away in these movies, his costume was pretty flimsy too. In Captain America: The Winter SoldierFor example, Steve tried to evade Hydra by wearing a baseball cap and goggles, which surprisingly worked. Similarly, in Captain America: Civil WarSteve wore a baseball cap and sunglasses when hiding from the UN. Just like in the movies, Steve’s recent costume doesn’t do much to hide his identity. Of course, in the comics, at least Steve uses an image inducer, which does a bit more to hide who he is.

Either way, though, Steve isn’t going to great lengths to hide. With a public identity, you’d think Captain America would want to disguise himself quite a bit during covert operations. Both the comics and the movies use this poor disguise to highlight how unsuitable Steve is for modern espionage.

Later in the issue, Steve drops his image inducer and reveals himself as soon as a fight breaks out during the rally. While this is incredibly heroic, it also instantly reveals her already slim costume. Steve’s actions emphasize how much his heroism gets in the way of using more covert espionage tactics. Captain America is more of an outspoken, action-oriented hero than one rooted in covert strategy.

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Much of this is due to Steve’s need to help others as soon as he sees problems. Someone like The Winter Soldier, for example, would keep his costume, so as not to arouse suspicion. In this way, Bucky could trace the violence to its true perpetrator. While Winter Soldier can interfere in subtle ways to save lives, Captain America is a more bombastic and colorful character who has to get directly into the action. Steve’s slim costume shows just how easily he’s willing to break character so he can return to familiar territory.

When contrasting Steve’s costume with Sharon Carter’s, the difference is night and day. Sharon wears layers of red, white and blue, from the shirt to the headband. As she says, Sharon is having fun in her costume. Steve, on the other hand, would rather be anywhere but at the rally, unable to contain himself during the hatred and violence. Sharon is clearly more apt for espionage, as she holds herself back better than Steve. This difference is visualized in their costumes, with Steve just trying and Sharon doing her best.

While Steve led the Secret Avengers, a black ops squad, he was not normally hiding. Usually Steve coordinated his operatives or got directly involved in the action, while others engaged in more covert tactics. Also, Steve wasn’t Captain America at the time, which put less pressure on him to be on the front lines. In general, Steve Rogers’ bad costumes demonstrate his need to help rather than hide.

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