Wrestler Blue Demon Jr. refused to remove his mask during the entire production of the upcoming Disney Channel series Ultra Violet & Blue Demon.

Fighter Blue Demon Jr., the star of the upcoming Disney Channel series Blue and ultraviolet demon, has not revealed his true face even to Disney executives.

Speaking about the strict traditions associated with wrestling in a recent episode of The Wresting Inc., the show’s co-executive producer Eugenio Villamar shared the surprising fact that Blue Demon Jr. never removed his mask during the production of Blue and ultraviolet demon.

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“The first thing they had to understand, which is difficult to explain, is that Azul does not remove his mask,” Villamar said. “It’s a very unique thing about wrestling. He’s the person, and nobody knows his face.” He added: “Even the people who filmed the pilot, the Disney executives [and] the legal team that made the contracts don’t know his face. “

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Villamar also revealed that, during the early stages of production, there was a security issue at Disney because Blue Demon refused to remove the mask. “That is the first thing they need to learn,” he continued. “He is a living character, who is very unique, and is part of what draws us to do these projects. He lives his life as a Blue Demon, and that’s it.”

“It’s not like Batman has Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne has Batman,” Villamar explained. “No, Blue Demon is Blue Demon all the time. So that was the first thing we had to make them understand and talk to them and how we would do this show and continue this because obviously, it is not the case with the girl from the show.”

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According to an official synopsis, Blue and ultraviolet demon will follow Violet (Scarlett Estevez), who has been chosen by “a magical fighter mask” to become “the superhero successor” to her famous wrestling uncle Blue Demon Jr. as Violet trains with her Blue Demon and deals with “the High school ups and downs, “his uncle begins to realize that he could” learn a few things from the modern version of Ultra Gen-Z about crime fighting. “

The series will also star Marianna Burelli and Juan Alfonso as Violet’s parents, Nina and Sebastian, Brandon Rossel as Violet’s brother, Miguelito, Zelia Ankrum as Violet’s best friend, Trudy, and Bryan Blanco as the “good partner. of Violet’s class “, Enrique Díaz-Díaz.

Starring Blue Demon Jr. and Scarlett Estevez, Blue and ultraviolet demon It currently has no release date. The pilot episode was written and produced by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit and directed by Alejandro Damiani.

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Source: The Wresting Inc.

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