In Doctor Who # 4, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors team up to restore the timeline and a fan-favorite character officially returns, with a twist.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doctor who # 4 by Jody Houser, Roberta Ingranata, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Shari Chankhamma, Richard Starkings and Sarah Hedrick from Comicraft, out now.

In the new Titan Comics Doctor who series, the Thirteenth Doctor and his companions returned to Earth only to find that things had changed dramatically. Rather than return to the present they knew, they found an alternate timeline where humanity had been enslaved by ancient creatures known as the Devils of the Sea. This change had begun in 1903, due to the Skithra. But the Doctor did not return to fix the timeline on his own – he had the help of the Tenth Doctor.

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The Tenth Doctor found himself in this alternate timeline as well, and joined forces with Rose Tyler’s version of this reality, a freedom fighter who had been fighting the Sea Devils her entire life. This Rose joined the two Doctors in hopes of saving the world. And now in Doctor who # 4, they achieve their goal, and as a result, Rose Tyler officially joins the Doctor’s universe.

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Rose Tyler was the Doctor’s first companion in the modern revival of the iconic science fiction series. He joined the Ninth and Tenth Doctors in Seasons 1 and 2 and quickly became a fan-favorite character. The love story between Rose and the Tenth Doctor is an epic story, and it is one of the pillars of the series. While Rose did not die, the character herself was cut from the series when she was essentially trapped in a parallel dimension where she could live a happy life with her parents and a part-human Tenth Doctor look-alike.

While the real Rose Tyler may be in another universe, another version of the character appeared in the Titan Comics remake. Doctor who Serie. This Rose was very different from the one the Tenth Doctor knew. She was a soldier, from start to finish, and all she knew how to do was fight and resist. Still, she carried the character’s trademark zeal for adventure, which is why she joined the Tenth Doctor as he tried to restore the timeline.

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In Doctor who # 4, Rose and the Tenth Doctor help the Thirteenth Doctor and his companions rescue Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla from the Skithra in 1903, the source of the time shift that resulted in Earth being invaded by the Devils of the Sea. efforts are successful and as a result, the dystopian alternate timeline where humanity had been enslaved by monsters is erased. Everything returns to normal and the two Doctors go their separate ways.

But since passing through the Time Vortex, this Rose Tyler is now a time traveler and is no longer subject to the regular rules of the universe. While her timeline has been erased, she lives. Now that she is homeless, without her parents, and without a mission, Rose asks the Doctor to find her on a war-torn planet where she can put her skills to use and where she can help good people fight their lives. oppressors. and the Doctor forces him.

While the original version of Rose Tyler is in another dimension, an alternate version of the character is now alive in the main universe. He may not stay with the Doctor, but he will have his own adventures through space. And who knows, maybe the Doctor will need your help later.

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