In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, Beerus reveals to Vegeta that he is the one behind the genocide of the Saiyans, triggering a battle.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69!

The God of Destruction Beerus just revealed a shocking fact to Vegeta about the destruction of the Saiyans in Dragon ball super, Changing a fact that many fans thought was set in stone. Before now, it was known that Vegeta was royalty on his homeworld of the same name, which was destroyed by Frieza. But now it has been revealed that Beerus is the one who led Frieza to blow up the planet Vegeta.

Dragon ball super has expanded into the intergalactic and interdimensional worlds of the Dragon Ball universe, featuring all manner of deities and absurd power levels, so that Goku could now defeat them all. Dragon Ball Z untransformed villain. In a new context where those original stories could lose their sense of relevance and impact, writer Akira Toryiama cleverly draws a line back on time, revealing that the new character Beerus has connections to the fundamental lore of the property. In fact, it reveals that it was Beerus, who told Frieza to kill the Saiyans who served as Frieza’s planet exterminators.

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Beerus has mentioned that Frieza was his subordinate and that he led the planet’s mighty conqueror to take out the Saiyans before, but he has never faced the remaining Saiyans with this fact. Finally makes it into Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, although above all to cause Vegeta to attack him. Beerus has set out to teach Vegeta techniques that only the God of Destruction can impart, but Vegeta has regretted too much of the Saiyans’ barbaric past to accept this tutelage. Before Freeza destroyed the Saiyans, they were an integral part of Freeza’s army. The Saiyans ruled the planets, killing the local inhabitants so that the planets could be conquered and sold.

Vegeta is in a constant race to keep up with Goku’s ever-expanding power level, but Vegeta has too dark a past and too damaged a conscience to follow in Goku’s exact footsteps and learn techniques from the angels. Beerus opens up a new avenue: learning god-like destructive powers, but Vegeta has rejected his past life as a brutal warrior in favor of becoming a better husband and family man. Beerus warns him that he will never exceed his limits unless Vegeta removes his regrets from his days of conquest, inciting him to attack. by revealing who was the real responsible for the elimination of the Saiyans.

You feel guilty for the sins of all Saiyansā€¯Beerus says. “That’s terribly self-centered of you, mortal. “Beerus was not directly responsible for the destruction of the planet Vegeta, but Frieza genocidal the Saiyans at Beerus’s request. Since he was the driving force behind his original bow in Dragon Ball Killing Frieza for murdering Vegeta’s entire race is something the Saiyan is unlikely to forgive now that he knows the truth. Although Vegeta is still not powerful enough to face Beerus, the revelation is enough to provoke him into battle, moving him one step closer to more power and perhaps giving him a new vengeance to pursue.

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