Everspace 2, an early access title in which players customize their spaceship and explore the stars, has received a content roadmap for 2021.

The developer of Everspace 2, a fast-paced spaceship shooter and space exploration game, has released a roadmap detailing additional content for 2021. The standalone title, a sequel to 2017 Everspace, was released as an early access title last month. Developed by ROCKFISH Games studio, the game allows players to freely explore the galaxy and collect resources that are used to upgrade their ship and prepare for frenetic ship-to-ship combat.

Everspace 2 It was released in Early Access last month, and the space action RPG was received with quite a bit of positive attention. The Early Access launch trailer showcases the game’s stunning visuals, bringing a wonderfully vibrant open-world galaxy to life for players to explore. The story of the game’s single-player campaign is also hinted at, with players reportedly taking on the role of a clone embarking on their own across the vast galaxy. The Early Access title previews also praised the ROCKFISH sequel, particularly due to the open nature of the game world and the difficult skill-based ship combat system.

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ROCKFISH Games, via Everspace 2‘s Steam page and Twitter account, has issued a roadmap of new content that players can look forward to throughout 2021. A number of new story missions and side missions will be added throughout the year, directly addressing player feedback that indicates that game missions became repetitive after a prolonged amount of Game Time. In addition to these new missions, April will bring two additional ship subclasses, while a new star system will arrive during the summer. Fall 2021 will bring two new ship classes, as well as a fourth star system, with new companions and higher level caps that will also be added throughout the year.

Roadmaps are a very important part of the communication between game developers and their players, especially for standalone or early access titles. With these games, players have a lot of faith in the developers to develop the game to its full potential, and a roadmap can demonstrate how the developers plan to do it. Valheim, a Viking-themed survival game developed by Iron Gate AB, recently released as a Steam Early Access title on February 2. The game’s development team recently released a roadmap of its own, detailing what additional content players can expect throughout 2021.

Everspace 2 it’s a very ambitious title, building on the solid foundation of the first game to build something even more impressive. The game offered very impressive player freedom, fulfilling the dream of jumping into a custom starship and exploring a vast and dangerous galaxy. While the Early Access title may have some uneven aspects, the ROCKFISH Games roadmap is sure to have fans looking forward to next year.

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Everspace 2 It is available now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Source: Steam

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