Netflix’s I Care a Lot features an eclectic soundtrack that complements Marc Canham’s electronic soundtrack. Here is a breakdown of how music is used.

Now streaming on Netflix, I care a lot features an eclectic soundtrack that complements Marc Canham’s electronic soundtrack. Most mainstream music highlights various moments in the first half where a scammer takes advantage of the assisted living system. At the climax, a DJ Shadow track parallels the fate of a main character.

Written and directed by J Blakeson, I care a lot stars Rosamund Pike as a legal guardian named Marla Grayson. She collaborates with a local doctor to place the elderly in a group care home and then sells her assets in the process. Unfortunately for Marla, she inadvertently turns to the mother of a Russian-American mobster and must decide whether she is a predator or prey. I care a lot co-stars Peter Dinklage, Eiza González and Dianne Wiest.

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The most important musical moments of I care a lot they take place during expository sequences that establish Marla’s personality. For example, one of the first scenes includes the voice-over narration of the antihero, with the selected music highlighting his aggressive forms. An orchestral piece of music is also used to thematically contrast with the violent nature of the main villain. In general, the tracks help amplify the drama while telling a story with just the titles. Here’s every song featured on I care a lot on Netflix.

“Dirge” – Death in Las Vegas

“Sunday will never be the same” – Spanky and our gang

“Dream” – Claude Debussy

“Addicted to the system” – Five stars

“Rocksteady” – Wild beauty

“Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu” – The Hamrahlid Choir

“East Virginia Blues” – The Carter family

“Pill” – Mark Canham

“Spent” – Mark Canham

“Lion” – Mark Canham

“Blood on the highway” – DJ Shadow

Peter Dinklage in I Care a Lot on Netflix

“Dirge” opens I care a lot on Netflix as Marla speaks to the audience with an educational lesson on “good people.” Ten minutes late, “Rocksteady” Play as the antihero and his girlfriend, Fran (Gonz├ílez), driving down the highway. Shortly after, “Sunday will never be the same” write down a time when Marla visits a doctor and talks about a possible target.

“Dream” It can be heard as Jennifer Peterson (Wiest) enjoys her last quiet moment at home before learning that Marla is now her legal guardian. As Roman stretches in his office, “Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu” plays briefly while the gangster tries to clear his mind.

“East Virginia Blues” It begins when Marla has a diamond inspected. After he survives a death trap, “Addicted to the system” plays in the background of a gas station scene. In the final act, the original Canham tracks “Pill,” “Spent,” Y “Lion” It adds a bit of extra suspense when Pike’s character flips the script on his attacker. I care a lot ends with “Blood on the highway”; a song that captures the vibe of the ending sequence.

the I care a lot The soundtrack was supervised for Netflix by Claire Freeman.

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