Jaime Lannister is one of the most popular characters in game of Thrones that fans hate and love, largely depending on how far along they are on the show. Of course, he is also one of the best fighters in Westeros, and his reputation as a swordsman is a big part of his character. Certainly losing his right hand didn’t help with this, but the King Slayer still has a reputation to uphold.

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It’s not surprising, then, that he had many swordfighting scenes throughout the series. However, not all of them were phenomenal. Some of his were exercises in perfect swordsmanship, dramatic, and just plain fun to watch … and others were more than a little disappointing.

10 Battle of the Whispering Wood

Game of Thrones Jaime Whispering Wood

It’s time to turn it back, when Robb Stark was leading an army against the Lannisters. This is when Jaime is taken prisoner, and it’s not exactly a big battle for this sword fighter.

It would have been very exciting if Robb had accepted Jaime’s offer for a one-on-one battle, but sadly, it only ended in his capture.

9 Locke and his men

Game of Thrones Locke & Jaime

After Locke and his men take Brienne and Jaime captive, Jaime is selfish and proud. They cut off his right hand, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to escape.

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This sword fight is pretty mediocre as Jaime is pretty useless with just his left hand, right after his dominant hand was cut off. He is unsuccessful and is locked up again. It is unfortunate to see.

8 Highgarden Sack

Game of Thrones Jaime Takes Highgarden

Jaime leads the Lannister army to take Highgarden after Lady Olenna becomes engaged to Daenerys. The capture is a success, but there is not much to see of Jaime fighting.

However, this moment remains totally iconic, because it ends with Jaime confronting Olenna and her confession that she had Joffrey killed. However, when it comes to sword fighting, it’s pretty low on the list.

7 Bronn

Game of Thrones Bronn & Jaime Sword Fight

This sword fight is simply about training, but it’s still impressive to see Jaime re-learn to fight and dominate Bronn with his left hand.

It’s also one of the funniest fights, where Bronn reacts to Jaime’s growing skill by taking off his golden hand and playing dirty. It’s a great lesson for Jaime and one of his first successful fights as a southpaw.

6 Sand snakes

Game of Thrones Obara and Jaime

After Bronn and Jaime successfully kill the first round of soldiers in Dorne in an attempt to find Myrcella, they are cut down by the sand snakes. Jaime fights against Obara Sand, which is a difficult match.

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It’s an intense and skillful battle, but it’s interrupted when Areo Hotah appears with his group and guards, and Bronn and Jaime are forced to lay down their swords.

5 Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones Brienne & Jaime Fight

In season 2, Brienne of Tarth is determined to bring Jaime Lannister back to King’s Landing for Catelyn. Along the way, Jaime is quite annoying and finally, on a bridge, he has a chance to escape.

The two end in a duel, with Jaime still tied up and totally exhausted. Brienne concentrates on hitting him and not hitting him with the sword. It’s fascinating to watch these two professionals do it, but Brienne doesn’t mean to kill, and Jaime is too malnourished to have a real chance.

4 Soldier Dorne

Game of Thrones Jaime Dorne

When Bronn and Jaime head to Dorne to retrieve Myrcella, they soon encounter the soldiers of Dorne. This is Jaime’s first real fight after having his right hand cut off, and it doesn’t start out very well.

However, he blocks a swing with his golden hand, and it’s a great moment for the audience and for Jaime, who uses that to his advantage to kill the soldier with his left hand.

3 Battle of the Goldroad

Game of Thrones Jaime Battle of the Goldroad

One of Jaime’s most redeeming moments is when he refuses to back down on Goldroad against an army, even when Daenerys herself appears in a fire-breathing dragon that is destroying everyone and everything.

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It’s not exactly a duel, but Jaime is in the middle of the battle. This fascinating scene is tremendous and the fans really didn’t know who they wanted to beat. Fortunately, the main crew makes it out alive.

two Eddard stark

Game of Thrones Jaime & Ned Fight

There is a lot of tension between the Starks and the Lannisters in the first season, and this is one of the first major sword battles of the entire series. Jaime is still a selfish villain at this point, and Ned’s abilities catch him off guard.

Still, it’s as intense as it sounds, and it doesn’t really have a satisfying ending. Of course, fans learn that Jaime is honorable and that he wanted to stab Ned on his own. It’s one of the most classic and memorable fights on the show.

1 Euron

Game of Thrones The Death of Euron

Fans will say what they want about Season 8, and while Jaime’s character arc might be one of the saddest things to come, it was a redemptive and powerful moment for him to fight Euron on his way to Cersei.

He’s hurt, but prevails, and fans are more than pleased to see Euron bleed out after Jaime finally gets his wish to fight him. It is his last fight and it could be the best.

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