Despite what his title and reputation may suggest, the Grand Theft Auto The series is not all violence and depravity. While most of the series’ missions contain violence and crime to some degree, there are a few standout missions that serve as “day of the life” excursions.

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Interestingly, these missions are usually the most memorable due to their originality (and because they contain no violence or action to speak of). Sometimes it’s a blast to take a character and do some mundane activities without getting into a mass shootout with the police. These are the best types of those missions.

10 Luigi’s Girls

Luigi's Girls

Grand theft auto iii It may seem tame and primitive by today’s standards, but it was all the rage in 2001. The game won widespread praise for its intricate, detailed, and huge open world, and “Luigi’s Girls” served as the perfect entry point into that world.

The mission is actually pretty simple: drive to Sweeney General in Portland View, pick up Misty, and bring her back to Luigi. That’s it. It’s easy, but walking the streets of Liberty City was incredibly exciting and unique. The future of video games was here.

9 Payday for Ray

Payday for Ray

“Payday for Ray” can be very frustrating, but it’s still a satisfying adventure. This mission introduces the player to Ray Machowski, a corrupt police officer voiced by Robert Loggia. Since Ray is extremely paranoid, he makes Claude jump through some amazing hoops.

The player must run through town and visit four different pay phones in a set period of time before being directed to the toilets at Belleville Park. It is here that Ray finally makes himself known and the player gives him some money.

8 Party


Serving as one of the first missions in Vice city, “The Party” is a wonderful introduction to the wicked and depraved world of its titular city. When ordered to attend a party thrown by Colonel Cortez, Tommy visits Rafael and buys himself a fancy new suit.

He then heads to Cortez’s yacht and meets the Colonel’s stripper daughter, Mercedes. He also meets a host of Vice City notables, including the lead singer of Love Fist, an adult film director, and a drug mogul. After that, drive Mercedes to the local strip club.

7 Alloy steel wheels

Tommy and Baker

Tommy gets acquainted with the rock band Love Fist and helps them by organizing a concert. One of their tasks is to find security for the concert, and they direct it to a local motorcycle gang led by Big Mitch Baker.

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He meets Baker at a local dive called The Greasy Chopper, and Mitch wants to know if Tommy can handle it alone. As proof, Mitch orders Tommy to race with some members of the gang through the streets of Vice City on an Angel bike. Racing missions can be polarizing, but this one is pretty fun.

6 Advertising tour

Advertising tour

The “Advertising Tour” is a GTA mission, as it is one of the most memorable and one of the most frustrating. While taking Love Fist to their concert, Tommy and the band realize that their limo has been rigged with a bomb.

The bomb will explode if the limo descends below 50 mph, and Tommy is forced to speed around Vice City as the drunken gang members attempt to disarm the bomb. It is the video game version of Speedand it’s just as fun (and frustrating) as it sounds.

5 Ryder

Ryder and CJ

Ryder is not a very exciting mission for Grand Theft Auto standards, but it is a unique one that presents players with a number of unique items to San Andreas. In this one, Ryder takes CJ to visit a local pizzeria. Along the way, CJ decides to get a haircut with his old barber.

CJ then visits the pizzeria and orders some pizza, introducing the player to the barber and the mechanics of eating. The mission ends with a botched robbery by Ryder, and CJ is forced to escape from the pair.

4 Cesar Vialpando

Lowrider competition

Another more exclusive mechanic from San Andreas They are the Lowrider minigames. These mini-games are introduced in the Cesar Vialpando mission (named after Kendl’s boyfriend). Sweet is upset at Kendl for being with Cesar, as he is a member of a rival gang.

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Feeling paranoid, Sweet orders CJ to keep an eye on Kendl while he goes to meet Cesar. CJ modifies a Savanna and goes to Unity Station, where he participates in a lowrider competition.

3 First date

First date

While San Andreas Played with the concept of romantic relationships, the mechanics would not be perfected until Grand Theft Auto IV. The “First Date” serves as an introduction and a kind of tutorial. Niko gets a call from Michelle and they decide to go to the local fair.

Finding the fair closed, Michelle decides to go bowling. The player then participates in a game of bowling with Michelle before the date is over and Niko takes her home. The mission is simple, but fun and adorable.

two Polling the score

Examining the score

Grand theft auto v He follows three professional thieves and “Surveying the Score” serves as the main path to his third and final robbery. In this one, the characters influence the Union Depository, which is supposed to be the main bank in the country.

While the mission serves as a precursor to one of the biggest crimes in the game, the mission itself does not contain any crimes. A well thought out great plan always provides a sensational sense of excitement, and “Surveying the Score” is truly exciting.

1 Did someone say yoga?

Michael falls through the sky

“Did someone say yoga?” is one of the funniest missions of the GTA Canyon. It begins when Michael joins Fabien and Amanda in a yoga session, and the player is forced to play a quick yoga minigame. However, this is just a precursor to bigger and better things.

Michael then takes his son Jimmy to Burger Shot, and Jimmy adds drugs to Michael’s drink. Michael then suffers from some severe hallucinations, including falling from the multi-colored sky. Visuals, unpredictable adventure, and a sense of cheeky fun combine to create one of the most memorable missions in the game.

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