When a show has been on the air for almost two decades, it’s understandable why Grey’s Anatomy fans mention characters who had more to offer than they could in their time on the series.

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While the role of Meredith has developed well, along with close friends whose arcs were closed like Cristina and Alex for an extended period, other characters had untapped potential that needed more time to develop. Either they had connections to Meredith, they were a main character themselves, or they were interesting in their own right to have valid cause to be on the show longer.

10 Erica Hahn

Erica was by no means the most likable character on the show, but she was someone who helped Callie come to terms with her sexuality. He was also about to become a more empathetic person, but this went nowhere.

Erica deserved to be told the story of coming to terms with her own sexuality, especially since she did it differently than Callie did. Erica’s departure was so sudden and unwarranted, without any resolution.

9 Preston burke

Grays Preston Burke's Anatomy

The problem with Burke was that he couldn’t address the biggest flaw in his chaotic relationship with Cristina. Still, this was something that made him compelling, as Burke was a complex character who couldn’t find the right balance between being a doctor and a romantic partner.

He should have been on the show longer for his entire journey to be shown, as his appearance in season 10 basically pushed his entire development forward to show him as a successful doctor, husband, and father. All of this would have been better seen on screen than presented in a single appearance.

8 Sadie harris

Presented as a brave and mischievous woman with a penchant for memorable quotes, Sadie was unable to show her full potential when she was written. Many great promising stories could have been explored if she had stayed.

Sadie had a growing friendship with Lexie that involved her with her and Mark’s relationship. He had a flirtation with Callie that seemed to be developing, and his friendship with Meredith had brought out the funny side of the latter.

7 Adele Webber

Adele Grey's

For some time, Richard’s redeeming quality in Grey’s Anatomy it had to do with his attempt to reconcile with Adele. She was a kind woman who forgave his indiscretions and just wanted the same effort in her marriage that she had put in.

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Grey’s Anatomy He never fully immersed himself in Adele as the title character despite the actress receiving an Emmy for the role. Adele had a genuine arc of receiving the love she deserved, which would have been better in a long run rather than showing up every now and then before she was killed.

6 Addison Montgomery

Addison was at the center of the show’s main story in season 2 before making the decision to move, which led to Private practice. However, its time Grey’s Anatomy it was painfully short, as she was only portrayed negatively during the series and didn’t get the same redemption arc as a character like Mark.

Her final appearance was also a one-time guest spot that didn’t solve her. Grey’s Anatomy stories, that is, viewers who have not reviewed Private practice will continue to view her as an underused character. Addison should have stayed longer to fully wrap up her role on the main series.

5 Jose

Joe Grays Anatomy

Always ready to help and someone people could relate to, Joe was the perfect person to have as a guest on vacation. Not only did he introduce himself as a background character, as he was involved in stories like Richard’s drinking problem and his own on-and-off relationship with Walter.

It’s too bad the show decided to cut his role entirely, with Joe’s genuine ties to characters like Meredith, Cristina, and Richard removed. Had he stuck around longer, Joe could have become a faithful friend and eventual father and husband, as the series had mocked him.

4 Stephanie edwards

Although she was kind and compassionate, Grey’s Anatomy It didn’t highlight these attributes of Stephanie, but instead focused on the times she was cheated on or lost her lover. There was a genuinely competent physician and a person of this character who needed more time to develop.

However, this was not the case, as Stephanie left rather meekly without much meaning. The worst thing is that he had even recycled plots like his deceased love interest, a bow that was previously given to Teddy. A few more seasons on the show would have allowed Stephanie to participate in more stories that shaped her characterization on screen.

3 Heather brooks

A loss of Grey’s AnatomySince she likes to kill characters out of nowhere, Heather never got a chance to prove who she was. Fans wanted more of her because she was such a nice person, had a habit of joking around, and had a jovial demeanor.

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Her arc seemed to hint that Heather would become a mature person who began to take things seriously, but that will always remain speculation as she was killed in the season 10 premiere without much to show during her screen time anymore. than what could have been.

two Find Dandridge

Finn could have become a main character on the series if the show had decided to go down that path. His backstory was firmly established, being a widower who wanted to find love again and as a compassionate man who nonetheless had a competitive streak.

His romance with Meredith was cut short after she chose Derek over him, but Finn had done enough to warrant more appearances as he had been able to capture the interest of fans. He didn’t deserve the last chance to walk away into an uncertain future.

1 George O’Malley

george o'malley gray anatomy

Many fans are still not over the loss of George, with Grey’s Anatomy making up for it by bringing him back for a guest appearance in season 17. The problem isn’t so much with the way it was written more than with his time on the show, as George was left doing nothing in season 5.

He deserved to have a story of his own right now because he was starting out as a resident and had shown talent in trauma surgery. The next season could have portrayed George’s attempts to find the right fit for his medical career or even represent his time with the military, which would have guaranteed him a longer role on the show.

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