Of the four Hogwarts houses, Hufflepuff has the worst reputation, as the most boring and least memorable House. They barely consider history, and every time one of their students plays a prominent role, they paint themselves in a rather unflattering light, like Zacharias Smith, Justin Flinch-Fletchley, and Ernie Macmillan.

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Hufflepuffs are known to be dependable, hard-working, humble, trustworthy, and loyal people. In short, they seem to be the house with the best people overall. They are not presumptuous like the Ravenclaws, brash like the Gryffindors, or power hungry like the Slytherins. So if they are so kind, why aren’t they more respected? Why does Hufflepuff always get the shorter end of the stick? And why does the House seem to go against its own principles?

10 Why are they so irrelevant to the story?

Hufflepuff is the House with the least participation in the main Harry Potter story. It is also the only House that does not have a major supporting character to assist Harry during his journey. Slytherin has Draco and Ravenclaw has several, like Luna and even Cho. Except for Cedric, who is there only to die at the end, Hufflepuff is almost irrelevant. Despite being incredibly loyal and brave, no Hufflepuffs consider themselves worthy enough to aid Harry on his mission.

This is perhaps the reason why Newt Scamander, the protagonist of the Fantastic Animals saga, it’s a Hufflepuff. Yet considering how divisive those films were, the House’s reputation is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

9 Why are they so bad at Quidditch?

Quidditch pitch in Harry Potter

If Hufflepuffs are so persistent, why are they so bad at Quidditch? During the first books in the series, the Hufflepuff team never wins the Quidditch Cup. It is often hinted that they are actually good players, perhaps simply lacking some of the wildest instincts required for violent sport.

In later books, Hufflepuff becomes more of a threat. However, this coincides with Quidditch becoming less of a focal point in the series. In fact, when Harry turns his attention to the fight against Voldemort, Quidditch seems to be less of a concern to both him and the story.

8 Why isn’t Hogsmeade more Hufflepuff-y?

Harry Potter Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade, the wizarding town near Hogwarts, is an important place in books and movies. Juniors and older take weekend trips to the town, which is home to popular stores like Zonko’s and Honeydukes, as well as the supposedly haunted Shrieking Shack.

The town was founded by Hengist de Woodcroft, a medieval wizard who was also a Hufflepuff. Considering that the House is regularly ignored and overlooked, one might think that they would take advantage of every positive point they get. Why doesn’t the town have a statue of Woodcroft or even one of a badger? The colors of the House could be employed as well, but the ever-humble Hufflepuffs seem uninterested in such displays of complacency.

7 Why aren’t they better at taking care of magical creatures?

Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald Newt Scamander

The aforementioned Newt Scamander is an authority on the Wizarding World, considered the greatest expert on magical creatures. The Hufflepuffs often use it as an example of the many great wizards that came out of the House. However, no student seems interested in caring for magical creatures.

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When the class gains prominence during Harry’s third year, Hagrid teaches it and the link between the gardener and Gryffindor seems to imply that the House of Gold and Scarlet has the upper hand. Shouldn’t Hufflepuffs go the extra mile in class, considering that the world’s authority on magical creatures comes from their House?

6 Why are they so critical?

If Zacharias Smith and Justin Flinch-Fletchley proved anything, it’s that the Hufflepuffs are much more narrow-minded than they like to think. Throughout the story, Hufflepuffs are shown to be very critical and critical of others, while trying to act morally superior.

Hufflepuff’s welcome message boasts that they are the House from which the fewest Dark Wizards come, taking the opportunity to explore the other Houses. Like Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, Hufflepuffs are also cautious and mistrustful of Slytherin, judging them all by the same criteria. So much for being nice.

5 Why are they always underestimated?

The main trait of Hufflepuff is that they are very hardworking. Under that description, one might think that Hufflepuff would at least rank higher than impulsive and overly emotional Gryffindors, and even on the same level as resourceful and ambitious Slytherins.

However, Hufflepuff is always thought of in the end and is considered to be the House that accepts everyone who doesn’t fit into any of the other three. His welcome message for new students says that no one intimidates them, but usually they are. What’s up, Hufflepuff?

4 Why are they not more popular?

And speaking of being intimidated, Hufflepuffs aren’t very popular at Hogwarts. They are looked down upon by Slytherins and Ravenclaws, and even Gryffindors consider them soft. goblet of fire It’s the only time Hufflepuff becomes prominent due to Cedric’s participation in the Triwizard Tournament and even then, they become the antagonist of the poor and misjudged Gryffindors.

Hufflepuffs are portrayed as non-athletic, ambitious, or prominent in any meaningful way. This seems to be mostly due to the very obvious bias that JK Rowling has in favor of Gryffindor (and against Slytherin), but it’s still no less strange when everything is taken into consideration.

3 Why don’t they ever win the House Cup?

Hufflepuff House Cup

The Hogwarts House Cup is all about hard work. It is an ongoing, year-long effort that is meant to challenge students, forcing them to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Under this understanding, the obvious implication would be that Hufflepuff or Slytherin would always win. Ravenclaws are too selfish and Gryffindors too reckless.

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However, and although Slytherin won the previous six years before Harry’s first year at Hogwarts, Hufflepuff never did. Once Harry arrives, Gryffindor wins three consecutive cups. They might come in second every time, but the books never bother to give clarity on that.

two Why is your common room so sunny?

The Hufflepuff Common Room is described as always sunny. It is round, low-ceilinged and earthy. Because it’s in the basements, the windows have a view of the grass and dandelions. The main idea behind this is that it should look like a badger’s sett, which makes sense.

However, badgers are nocturnal and are rarely seen during the day. Because they live underground, their homes are dark and private. So why is the Hufflepuff common room so well lit if it’s meant to be a badger stage? And how does that light get down there, if you only have a few round windows at the top of a low room? Logically, this would not allow much light, as anyone who has lived in a basement suite knows.

1 Why is your common room a basement?

And on the subject of the Common Room, why is Hufflepuff in the basements, next to the kitchens? It seems like an unconventional place for students to sleep. Wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be located near the gardens?

After all, your Head of House is also Head of Herbology, and your Common Room is described as having lots of plants hanging from the ceiling or sitting on window sills, another item that makes little sense, given that one is unlikely basement room has enough light to support so many plants. Some of the plants even dance and talk! The House is also closely associated with the Earth element. With such a strong connection between Hufflepuffs and Herbology, the obvious choice for your common room would be somewhere near or under the greenhouse.

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