Alex Summers is the incredibly powerful mutant known as Havok who has worked alongside teams like the X-Men and X-Factor as a member and leader, though at times he has also actively worked against his teammates in a surprising number of twists towards villainy. . which are almost always associated with some form of mind control or brainwashing.

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While most of the X-Men have mind training and psychic blocks in place that help them defend themselves from telepathic assault, Havok has been the victim of a number of mind control schemes that have made him a dangerous enemy of the X-Men. and threatens his new Hellions team in the Krakoa era, which we’ll take a closer look at today.

10 Mister Sinister erased his memories and placed mental blocks on young Alex

The twisted geneticist known as Mister Sinister has a strange obsession with the Summers brothers, although he initially focused on older brother Scott, who grew up to become the mutant leader Cyclops. Mister Sinister arranged for Alex’s adoption, although when he was kidnapped along with his foster sister by a child killer, his powerful powers were manifested.

Sinister once again became aware of young Alex and his uncontrollable abilities, so he put psychic blocks on Alex to muffle his abilities until he was older and then erased him and his sister to make them forget the incident entirely, marking the first time Alex’s mind was altered.

9 Erik the Red brainwashed Havok and Polaris and sent them against the X-Men

The original Erik The Red was a Shi’ar secret agent named Davan Shakari, who served the mad emperor D’Ken as an Earth operative tasked with assassinating Professor Charles Xavier before he could make contact with the escaped princess. Lilandra.

Erik the Red used Shi’ar technology to brainwash Alex Summers and Lorna Dane / Polaris while they were on leave from the X-Men. He sent his new agents on a failed mission to kill Xavier and would continue to use them alongside his growing army of mutants until they were finally released from his control.

8 Psylocke tried to make Havok telepathically forget the X-Men

HAVOK BRAINWASHED - Mindwped by the X-Men

Havok spent time away from the X-Men to recover from Erik the Red’s mind control and finish his studies alongside Lorna Dane / Polaris, although he was forced to search for the X-Men, who were on the run from Mister Sinister’s. Marauders and planning to go underground.

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This led them to attempt to erase Havok’s memories of encountering the team with Psylocke’s telepathic abilities, though his previous mental training allowed him to resist her mental manipulation, and he eventually joined the team on their mission after Psylocke refused to alter. your mind again.

7 Madelyne Pryor manipulated Havok as her goblin prince during Inferno

It was during the X-Men’s time underground that Havok and his brother’s estranged wife, Madelyne Pryor, became close for the first time, though their discovery of Jean Grey’s survival led to a demonic bargain and she became the villainy as the Goblin Queen that led to the Hell event.

Havok was still recovering from the loss of Polaris by the Marauder known as Malice (more on her soon) and easily fell for the alluring manipulations of the Goblin Queen, joining her as her Goblin Prince against the X-Men and X-Factor. , though he was eventually awakened from his control and rejoined the X-Men.

6 Havok was reborn as a magistrate of Genoshan during the X-Tinction agenda.

Havok X-Tinction Agenda

While Havok was with the X-Men, they established a new base in the Australian outback that was stolen from the cyber mercenaries known as the Reavers, who eventually returned to exact revenge on the X-Men. The X-Men were forced to escape through the mystically transforming Siege Perilous, who judged and altered anyone who passed through it.

Havok was reborn as an amnesiac Genoshan magistrate who resurfaced during the “X-Tinction Agenda” fighting with the oppressive government against the X-Men, though his memories returned during a battle with his brother Cyclops, and he remained in Genosha to help. rebuild and expiate his work there as a magistrate.

5 Malice seized Havok’s body and attacked his former host Polaris

HAVOK BRAINWASHED - Controlled by Malice

Mister Sinister added the psionic mutant entity known as Malice to his team of Marauders, and she quickly began moving through the X-Men by possessing their bodies and attacking each other, though when she entered Polaris’s body, she found herself trapped. Mister Sinister knew this would happen, but he wanted Polaris’s powerful abilities under his control and encouraged him.

Malice eventually escaped and attempted to use Havok’s body to kill Polaris so she would not be trapped again. Mister Sinister intervened and was able to kill Malice for betraying him after Polaris and Havok were able to force her out of their bodies.

4 Dark Beast manipulated his brain waves to turn him into the prelate summers of AoA

the Era of apocalypse introduced dark alternate reality versions of the X-Men and related characters into a world that developed without Xavier and fell under the control of Apocalypse, with some of the new characters managing to escape to the main universe, including the well-known evil version of Henry McCoy. as Dark Beast.

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Dark Beast attempted to alter Havok’s brain waves to make him more like AoAThe bloodthirsty version that became known as Prelate Summers to serve Onslaught. This version of Havok activated X-Factor and formed a new terrorist faction of the Brotherhood of Mutants, although this was later revealed as a cover for defeating Dark Beast after he had freed himself from his brainwashing.

3 An evil Alex Summers from The Mutant X Universe possessed by Havok

HAVOK BRAINWASHED - Possessed by an alternate reality Alex Summers

Havok eventually returned to X-Factor after his mission with the Brotherhood of Mutants, though he soon “died” and found his consciousness thrown into an alternate reality, where he took over the body of another recently deceased Alex Summers, who was revealed to be the Leader of a dark version of the X-Men known as The Six.

While Alex eventually returned to the reality of his home, the evil consciousness of the Mutant X Reality took over Havok’s body again, though he was exorcised and erased from the multiverse by the X-Men and dimension-hopping Exiles.

two Havok was reversed and turned evil by a magic spell during Axis

Havok was chosen as the team leader of the Avengers Unit Division team that mixed humans and mutants after the damage. Avengers vs. X-Men event. Both teams were forced to team up again to face the threat of the Red Skull, who had stolen Xavier’s brain to obtain his powerful telepathic abilities.

After he became the deadly Red Onslaught, Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch cast a spell in hopes of turning him into Xavier’s peaceful persona, though the spell resulted in a series of heroes and villains that were also reversed. Havok remained evil after the spell was undone and launched some evil campaigns before being restored.

1 Madelyne Pryor discovered that an unknown force was manipulating Havok’s actions

HAVOK BRAINWASHED - Possessed by demonic forces

Havok’s death during “This Is Forever” led to his rebirth in the Krakoan era, although he still experienced some mental issues that led to his placement in a team of Hellions who was tasked with completing missions for Mister Sinister, which put them in contact with the returned Madelyne Pryor.

Pryor had taken control of Sinister’s cloned Marauders and appeared to have taken control of Havok as well with his demonic magic, although it was eventually revealed that another powerful force that was also supposed to be demonic was manipulating Alex Summers, with details on who. he’s pulling those strings yet to be revealed.

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