While most of the 30 Coins characters have chosen their side, Antonio is still a wild card.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for 30-coin episode 7, “The Glass Box,” which is now airing on HBO.

On HBO’s 30 coins, the audience knows more or less where the characters are, with Elena and Paco trying to stop the supernatural threat from Pedraza and Cardinal Santoro and his Cainita cult trying to start the apocalypse. It took some time, but finally Father Vergara fought against the forces of evil, standing firm against Santoro’s mission. However, there is one important player whose position fans are unsure of, Antonio.

Antonio is the fool of the homeless city, relying on the generosity of the people. Father Vergara has helped him, making him appear innocent, but as the series progressed, a demonic voice spoke to Antonio and tried to steal the Judas coin. It looked like he was an agent of Santoro, but that changed when Santoro sent Father Angel.

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Antonio stalked the priest, and eventually helped him lock up the city using an invisible magic wall. Antonio told the priest that he knew what the endgame was, and the priest trusted him to help carry things out, but when the people gathered at the pub to discuss why they can’t escape, Antonio leaked all the Angel’s secrets. Angel was initially nervous and shocked, but nobody believed Antonio.

Not even the Madrid police confront Antonio when he told them everything. For some reason, he knew things that both parties didn’t, but people discredited him. His story didn’t help either, as he attempted suicide by jumping off a building with the coin in the first episode. Since then, he has been trying to help Elena, but his actions with Angel indicated that he was not trying to deceive her for Santoro and the cult. Instead, it appears that Antonio has his own team to play with, wanting the coin for himself.

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These clues hint that he pretended to be Santoro’s servant, harming himself to appear vulnerable. This would give the impression that it could be used as a pawn, all in order to obtain information from the Cainites. Now, with Elena thinking that he is an ally and Angel viewing him as a threat, Antonio is perched up to make a move for the coin again.

Some believe that the devil is in Antonio’s head, tricking Santoro into extracting information, as the cult could do its thing. They are using the Gospel of Jesus and other ancient relics of the crucifixion, and Antonio hints that even Satanists subvert the word of the dark lord and do not follow what he wants. In that sense, Antonio may be the most dangerous villain out there, someone neither side saw coming, and the one loyal to the devil’s wishes.

Starring Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez, Pepón Nieto, and Manolo Solo, 30 Coins airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on HBO and also airs on HBO Max.

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