Prepare your sword for a realistic physics-based sword duel, in the style of the 17th century! Hellish Quart claims to be the most realistic sword fighting game of all time.

Recently released on Steam Early Access, Hellish room is a one-on-one sword fighting game that swaps the usual hack-and-slash style for a more realistic version of blade combat. Developed and published by a man known as Kubold, Hellish room brings realistic physics to your sword fighting, aiming to be the most realistic sword dueling game players can experience.

At first glance, Hellish Quart may seem like an homage to the 1997 Playstation cult classic. Bushido Leaf, a samurai-themed dueling game with open areas and one-hit kills, but Hellish room pretends to be even more realistic. Fighters in Hellish room they are locked in the physics of the real world. Swords collide, positioning and timing are key, and a single hit can spell death. Hellish room it’s a mix of one hit killings Bushido Leaf and the fast moving positioning style of the buddy duel game Nidhogg, but with those aforementioned physics systems at the front of every part of the game.

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Hellish room it is exhilarating to play. Players are placed in an arena-style level, and each player must effectively and quickly launch, slash, parry, and block not only to achieve victory, but also to stay alive. One wrong move can spell the end, greatly increasing the stakes on similar games that feature life bars or life points. Matches are scored on a first-to-three point system, and players can chop limbs, chop legs, or simply drive through their opponent for a victory. Hellish room It is a game that, in time, will probably be as much fun to watch as it is to play, as a duel between skilled players could be an exercise in determination and a show of willpower.

Hellish room takes place during the seventeenth century, a time underrepresented in the world of video games. The character models are all dressed in the unique fashions of the day. Feather hats, long capes, and buckled shoes abound, along with ridiculous facial hair. The clothes liven up and flow as impressive as the characters themselves, making Hellish room as nice to see as it is to play.

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These impressively dressed fighters also have an equally impressive arsenal available to skewer the opposition. Players can choose from saber, rapier, broadsword, long sword, and more. Nothing is known Final Fantasy VII destroyer swords or lightsabers yet, but given the focus on realism, it’s not going to happen. However, there are a variety of fighting styles that can be combined with a preferred weapon for a new strategy and unique attack method. There is nothing better than cutting off an opponent’s hand with a saber while wearing a giant feather floppy hat.

Despite being developed by a single person, Hellish room has a full set of features planned to be rolled out throughout your Early Access term. At full launch, developer Kubold has stated that the game will feature 12 fighting arenas, 12 different fighting styles, a full story mode with cutscenes, training mode, and online multiplayer. There is more than enough here to ensure that fighting game fans get in early, as the game seems set to be a hit if it can create a community dedicated to sword art. Now is the perfect time to hone the skills necessary for the best challengers for years to come.

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