CBS ‘ How i met your mother is one of the most popular and beloved sitcoms in television history, and fans certainly can’t get enough of this hilarious and fearless cast of characters. Of course, viewers of any sitcom are also quite interested in the aesthetics and wardrobe of their favorite characters.

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While most of the MacClaren’s gang are pretty well dressed, at times, it seems like they only chose certain outfits that didn’t make sense for the event or the day. Time to reflect on those really impractical choices and outfits that just didn’t get along with the fans.

10 Ted’s famous sweater and tie

How I Met Your Mother Ted Bar

While it may not be the full definition of impractical, it still seems to defeat the purpose of a hoodie or button and tie to wear at the same time. Sure, she was wearing the sweater, but she should probably invest in a nice dress coat.

This was certainly one of Ted’s sad and depressing moments, but fans might agree that this outfit combo appeared more than once, despite being a bit contradictory and making no sense at all.

9 Robin’s ‘Jacket Only’ look

How I Met Your Mother Robin at Barney's

Robin certainly has her fair share of outfits that every fan wants to steal, and she’s probably also in love with a lot of people’s sitcom. This fiery and impressive character always looks amazing, but this outfit choice was certainly a bit odd.

Right now when she was dating Barney, she is clearly trying to be seductive, but fans may not understand the whole purpose of the winter coat and lounging couch. Obviously, it’s still beautiful, but it’s a scratch on the head.

8 Barney on Halloween

How I Met Your Mother Barney America Costume

When Barney and Robin have an argument about Canada and America, Barney makes sure to dress as American as possible for his Halloween costume.

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While it’s definitely fun and a pretty classy outfit, fans may have forgotten that it’s late October in New York, and the gang is having a rooftop party. It is rarely hot this time of year in the Big Apple.

7 All that Robin shines

How I Met Your Mother Robin Sparkles

Honestly, for a teenage pop star from Canada, Robin Sparkles was quite the rage, and this is one of the funniest running gags in the entire series. However, it is also fun to see the outfits that she wears in music videos.

Especially when she’s in space, it’s almost a joke in herself that she’s wearing a jean skirt and high heels. It’s for kids, obviously, but it doesn’t make much sense yet.

6 Airport suits

How I Met Your Mother Barney & Quinn Airport

There’s probably nothing that confuses sitcom fans more than when the characters simply flee to the airport in the blink of an eye. But even more so, when they just wear super cute things that are totally uncomfortable.

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In this episode, Quinn is sporting high-heeled boots and a jacket, while Barney, as usual, wears his iconic suit. If they were going on a business trip, it would be one thing, but otherwise this doesn’t make sense for a plane trip where most people want to be comfortable.

5 Lily stripper

How I Met Your Mother Lily Stripper

One of the funniest jokes in this series is the doppelgängers. Lily’s doppelgänger is a stripper and gives the gang a big surprise when they arrive at the strip club.

While it looks totally stunning, it’s pretty easy to see that this gorgeous outfit is pretty impractical for any stripper to wear. Obviously it’s for a sitcom, but it’s not totally rational for someone who’s supposed to lose their clothes.

4 The excavation

How I Met Your Mother Robin and Ted Digging

Yes, this was a spontaneous decision by Ted and Robin to start digging for an item lost during the rain. It’s also one of the most iconic moments in the entire series, especially between these two characters.

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Still, her stunning and stylish outfits are all for drama. Clearly, it doesn’t make much sense to be covered in mud while wearing these cute outfits.

3 The protest suit

Zoey might have been near the bottom of everyone’s list when it came to Ted’s ex-boyfriends, and it’s time to also point out that it’s a little weird to wear heeled boots in a protest.

Not only is she protesting her boyfriend’s work, but she is dressed impractically. If most people were outside for hours, those are likely not the boots anyone would choose.

two All suits

How I met your mother suits

Barney Stinson wouldn’t be Barney Stinson if he didn’t always wear a suit. However, it is probably one of the strangest and most impractical wardrobe options for everyday life.

Sure, it always looks classy, ​​but wearing a suit ALL the time is pretty impractical for parties, the streets of New York, or anything that involves everyday life. Not to mention his favorite hobby, laser tag.

1 Lily’s Whale Costume

How I Met Your Mother Lily Whale Costume

Sure, it’s Halloween, but even Lily herself talks about how horrible it is for a pregnant woman to put on and take off that spandex costume. Not to mention, you have to go to the bathroom constantly.

This was a pretty cute couple costume for Marshall and Lily, but at the end of the day, it’s probably one of the most impractical things she ever wore in the entire series.

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