Honey is a valuable resource for making Meads in Valheim. Players can create a honey farm on their base to have an unlimited supply.

To regenerate health and stamina and resist poison and frost in Valheim, players must prepare potions, called Meads. Mead is a honey-based alcohol that is most often attributed to the Vikings. In Valheim, Players can farm a honey farm and have a nearly constant supply of honey for their mead. Get honey Valheim It is not a simple task. Players must break the hives from inside abandoned houses, but must be careful not to poison themselves by hitting them. When they break a hive, they will be rewarded with some honey and a queen bee, which can be used to start a hive at the player’s base. Honey itself is useful as a food, but it is most useful when it is made into a mead base.

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Players can create a hive at their base for their queen bee to start getting honey at home. As they find more hives in the desert and collect more queen bees, they can start a honey farm. However, it is not enough to simply start a farm. Players must also make sure to keep their bees happy if they want a constant supply of honey with which to make mead. Here’s how to build a honey farm in Valheim and keep the bees happy.

How to build a honey farm in Valheim

A player grows honey in Valheim

When players are exploring and come across an abandoned house, they may hear a low hum coming from inside. This is a sign that there is a hive nearby. Players can try melee attacks in the hive, but it is difficult to do so without being poisoned by bee stings. It is best to try to get it out with a bow and arrows. Players will receive some honey and possibly a queen bee for their troubles.

Once the queen bee falls, players will unlock the hive crafting recipe. This requires 10 Wood and 1 Queen Bee. Players will need to create their hive on the workbench and place it outdoors at its base with at least six feet of space around it on all sides as they do when planting seeds. It may take a while for more bees to arrive, so players can prioritize other activities while they wait. Bees usually produce 1 or 2 honey per day as long as they have their space.

Each hive can generate up to 4 honey, but the process takes time. Players may want to place multiple hives on their base, allowing them to harvest more honey at a time. They will simply need to go out into the world and find more active hives. Hives generally breed in abandoned houses in the Meadows, Black Forest, and Swamp biomes.

Players can create a Cauldron and a Fermenter to start making mead. They should combine honey and fruits, vegetables and other forage consumables and cook them in a mead base. The mead base will then need to go into a fermenter for 2 days in the game. Each mead base requires about 10 honey and will produce 6 mead.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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