Lox are large creatures that resemble a reptile and an ox and can be found on the plains of Valheim. Players can tame one, if they manage to catch it.

After conquering the Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, and Mountains biomes in Valheim and taming wild boars and wolves, players will likely find themselves in the Plains biome and face to face with the Lox. Lox are giant dinosaur and buffalo hybrid creatures that spend time near the shore in the plains. They tend to group in packs and become aggressive easily. Like wolves in the mountains, even with the best gear, players are likely to find that a single unlocked bite or two from a Lox can easily deplete their Viking’s health. However, if players are patient, build strong enough walls, and collect enough food that the Loxes adore, they can tame these fearsome beasts and eventually pet them.

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How to tame a wild boar or wolf in Valheim, players will need to capture a Lox in some kind of pen and feed it for several days to tame it and make it loyal. Lox behaves more like wild boars, as they will not necessarily follow the player character into battle. However, they can be kept as pets and bred for Lox Meat, which is an excellent source of health and stamina, and Lox Pelts, which are used to make Lox Rug and Lox Cape. They are significantly more difficult to tame than wolves, so players will need to be prepared with the right infrastructure for the job. Here’s how to tame Lox in Valheim.

How to bait and breed a Lox in Valheim

A player tames and keeps two Lox in a stone pen on their farm in Valheim.

First, players will need to prepare their base on the plains to keep a Lox in captivity. With wild boars, simple fences tended to work well, and with wolves, players needed the stake. Lox requires an even stronger fence. Players will want to build an enclosure with stone walls, leaving a space in the enclosure one wall space wide. They will also want to place a platform or ladder near the enclosure to give their character a way to dump food into the corral and exit safely once the Lox is inside.

Players will also want to make sure they have a strong endgame shield like the Serpent Scale Shield, especially if they use themselves as bait to lure the Lox into the enclosure. Finally, players should take time to harvest barley and forage blackberries. These two foods can help attract and tame a Lox.

To lure a Lox into the pen, players can do one of two things. They can place barley and blackberries inside the enclosure and stand nearby waiting, or they can be used as live bait and force any aggressive Lox they find to chase them inside the enclosure. The first option is safer, but the Lox will take longer to take the bait, and if the Lox sees the player character, it can still attempt to attack. The second option is effective, but players are likely to be rammed and possibly killed in the process. Thrill-seeking players in particular can build an enclosure while being chased by a Lox, but this is extremely difficult to achieve and is therefore not recommended.

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Once players enter the Lox into their enclosure, they must quickly escape the enclosure and place the last piece of stone wall to trap the creature inside. Over the next few days, players will need to throw barley and blackberries at the Lox to change their behavior from aggressive to affectionate. Players will want to stay away from the corral during these shots. Like wolves, Lox will still get aggressive for a time when approached, even in the corral, and will attempt to ram the player character. If they are not careful, they can lose a large part of their health with one of these attacks. Once players see hearts above the Lox’s head and receive a notification that the Lox is 100% affectionate, it has been tamed. Players can enter the corral and pet their new companion without being attacked.

Players must try to tame at least two Loxes, then place them together in an enclosure for them to breed and create a pack. In this way, they can have a continuous supply of salmon meat and skins for cooking and processing. To maintain Loxes, players will need to ensure that they always have a good supply of barley and blackberries. Planting and growing these resources at the base should help ensure a constant supply to use as Lox food.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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