Biscuit Krueger, or Bisky for short, is a hunter whose interest in shiny things guides her through the dangerous world of Hunter X Hunter. Fans originally met Bisky at the Greed Island Arc, but this trainer is sure to appear whenever Gon and Killua need a polished training routine to get stronger.

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Without Bisky’s training, Gon and Killua would never have reached the heights they have throughout the plot of hunter X hunter. His impact is undeniable, but not much has been revealed about this character. This list brings to light 10 lesser known Bisky facts to fans of hunter X hunter.

10 Bisky is the perfect coach

Bisky may have started her career looking for rare gemstones, but the way she handles Gon and Killua as a trainer may make her want to rethink her profession. Turns out polishing students’ Nen skills must be pretty similar to polishing gemstones, because Biscuit Kruger is an amazing coach.

Bisky balances hard work with more hard work so his students make rapid progress. He also works hard to stay one step above his students at all times.

9 Bisky Taught Wing, who taught Gon and Killua

Although the fact that Biscuit Krueger served as Wing’s teacher isn’t exactly new information, it’s proof of her ability as a trainer. Wing is a powerful Nen user, but considering his position and generally scruffy appearance, he had to be the Zushi of his graduating class.

Despite Wing’s sloppy dress and laid-back demeanor, he is actually a competent teacher to Gon and Killua. The fact that Gon and Killua were trained by Bisky before they even met her shows just how good this Hunter is at training students.

8 She has training exercises developed for each type of Nen

When Biscuit first reveals her Nen abilities, Killua taunts her for her uselessness in battle. What Killua doesn’t recognize is that these Nen abilities aren’t meant for battle. Instead, Bisky has created Nen abilities that allow her and her students to rest better after battle.

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The fact that Bisky was willing to focus her Nen abilities in the time after the battle shows how confident she is in her combat abilities. It’s a shame the trainer didn’t accompany Gon and Killua when they invaded King Meruem’s territory in the Chimera Ant Arch.

7 Your Nen shortens the rest time your students need between training sessions

Cookie-chan, creation of Biscuits nen

Neferpitou demonstrates the ability to heal lethal wounds with her Nen throughout the Chimera Ant Arc. This type of healing is only available to those as powerful as a member of Meruem’s Royal Guard. Although Biscuit cannot match Neferpitou’s powerful healing ability, he can drastically reduce the amount of rest his students need between training sessions.

While training Gon through the Chimera Ant Arch, Bisky uses his piano massage to reduce Gon and Killua’s sleep cycles from eight hours to thirty minutes. With this power, Gon and Killua can continue training almost constantly.

6 Her obsession with stones may seem like a comedy, but other hunters respect her

The Greed Island Arc uses Biscuit’s obsession with rare stones as a bit of comic relief, but there is nothing funny about this hunter’s obsession with finding rare stones.

Bisky is a double star stone hunter, which means that her actions as a hunter have been deemed incredibly valuable to the stone hunting culture as a whole. Bisky may sound like a joke, but in reality she is a hunter who has earned the respect of her peers time and time again.

5 Bisky has the Nen transmutation type, but is also proficient in all other categories

Killua and Bisky

Bisky may be a natural transmuter, but her Nen ability has stretched far beyond the limitations of her natural affinity. Your magic spa and piano massage services may include some transmutation, but there are also hints of emission, transmutation, and conjuration abilities within these abilities.

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Bisky is truly a teacher of Nen. Despite the way her powers may appear, she is a force to be reckoned with thanks to her own strength and the potential she possesses as a trainer.

4 She was the only participant in Razor’s Dodgeball game who was not injured.

Razor Holding Dodgeball - Hunter X Hunter

One of the most intense battles to take place during the Greed Island Arc pitted Gon, Killua, and Bisky against Razor in a game of dodgeball. The competition was so brutal that nearly every member of Gon’s team left the court with at least one injury.

Fans were probably so interested in Gon, Killua, and Hisoka’s injuries that they didn’t realize that Bisky escaped the game unscathed. Perhaps this is a testament to the true power of Biscuit Krueger.

3 She is actually a giant muscular warrior

Biscuit Krueger true form

Unless readers have sat through the entirety of The Greed Island arc in the hunter X hunter anime and / or manga, Bisky’s true form remains a mystery. Biscuit Kruger’s true musculature is not revealed until his team faces off with the Bombers to defeat the Greed Island Game.

The reason Bisky hides his true form is that he finds his musculature less attractive than his smaller body. Bisky also uses his smaller form to hide his true strength and fool his opponents.

two Bisky knows it was Freecss

When Gon names his father during his first meeting with Biscuit Krueger, Stone Hunter admits that he knows Ging. Perhaps Bisky and Ging have even been friends in the past.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Ging turning to Bisky for training advice. Ging certainly couldn’t mimic the one-on-one training technique Bisky uses, but it’s clear he was able to teach Kite some powerful tricks. Could the path Gon is currently on also be inspired by Bisky’s training tips?

1 She could be Gon’s mother

This information is not canon, but fan theorists have questioned the ties between Bisky and Gon for too long for this fan theory not to emerge.

It’s a bit hard to believe that Bisky wasn’t prepared for Gon and Killua’s arrival on Greed Island. The Huntress proved more than capable of defending herself in the world of Greed Island. She could have easily won the game long before the two main characters arrived and left with her rare gem with almost as much trouble. If waiting for a powerful ally was unnecessary, then why was Bisky waiting in the first place?

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