A deleted scene from 2008’s Iron Man, which is now available on Disney +, shows Tony Stark dropping the F-bomb in the middle of a war zone.

Launched in 2008, Iron Man is the wild and action-packed that opens up the ambitious Marvel Cinematic Universe, which now boasts 23 movies and several TV series. In the opening film, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is kidnapped by a terrorist group and becomes a prisoner of war. Build his first Iron Man suit and escape, creating a new superhero personality.

The film opens in Afghanistan, where Tony is visiting a military base to promote the launch of his new weapon. The convoy escorting him is then ambushed by his own weapons. The Ten Rings kill everyone in the convoy and kidnap Tony, intending to force him to make weapons for them. It is a short but effective scene. However, the original version was much longer and more explosive.

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Disney + has released deleted scenes from every MCU movie, including Iron Man. Most of the new or extended scenes are dark, adding an extra layer of sand that would have given the film a slightly bleaker feel, especially in war scenes. These were cut for time or to help set the lighthearted tone for the overall franchise. One removed Iron Man The scene would have had a particular impact on the MCU, although it would have worked with the film’s PG-13 rating.

In an extended version of the convoy ambush, Tony drops the F-bomb. Disney + has sounded a beep, but this is clearly what it says. Although movies rated PG-13 technically allow a use of the F word without having to raise the rating to R, the MCU has avoided it, probably because the movies are marketed as family entertainment.

The scene shows Tony crawling out of the rubble to get to Rhodey, who is not in the final cut of the scene. He yells at Tony to take cover, and Tony hides behind a vehicle and takes a gun, which is unfortunately jammed. He throws it away, yelling the F word, which is a real reaction to what’s going on. Then a Stark Industries missile lands next to him and knocks him unconscious.

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The only thing that comes close to a true F-bomb in the MCU is in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, when Rocket Raccoon translates Groot’s welcome to Yondu, but replaces the exact words with more friendly ones. Rocket says, “He says welcome to the fucking Guardians of the Galaxy, he just didn’t use freaking.”

One reason behind Iron ManSuccess is how real it feels. Regardless of the extreme fictional use of science and the finished Iron Man hero suit, the entire first quarter of the film is a war movie. Getting Tony to react to the convoy ambush with an F-bomb may not fit the overall picture of Disney or its subsidiaries, but it would work in the movie and in its rating.

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