Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe director James Gunn shared a viral video of a boy beating up Thanos to help the Avengers.

Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe director James Gunn shared his humorous take on the viral video of a boy beating up Thanos to help The Avengers.

Gunn shared the video footage of a kids’ party gone awry, albeit with the best of intentions in the background, with the caption: “I finally start working on the Marvel-DC cinematic crossover of my dreams and some bastard leaks on day one. of shooting. So little cool. “

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In the shared images, a boy is seen running towards a Thanos actor, who is already being accosted by a Batman actor, and kicking the Thanos actor in his head. The actor who plays Iron-Man soon raises his metal hands to his head, shocked by what just happened.

Gunn’s joking response pointed to Batman fighting in addition to The Avengers and did not indicate a future project. However, his prank garnered immediate support from his fanbase, who asked if there would ever be a crossover movie between the two comic worlds.

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Gunn is currently filming HBO Max’s Pacifier series, with WWE legend and actor John Cena reprising his role as Christopher Smith / Peacemaker. The eight-episode series expands on the world Gunn created in his next DCEU movie, The suicide squad. While the plot is kept under wraps, Gunn previously stated that Pacifier “It’s an opportunity to delve into current global issues through the lens of this superhero / supervillain / and the world’s biggest idiot. I’m excited to expand The suicide squad and bring this character from the DC movie universe to the full breadth of a series. “

HBO’s Peacemaker Max officially joined Twitter on February 18, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at his cast and crew on set. The account also posted photos of Smith’s mobile home, saying, “Are you ready for whatever? [Peacemaker] is the crew cooking? ”A previous interview with Cena also gave fans a sneak peek at Peacemaker’s house, which includes a John Cena action figure.

Written and produced by James Gunn, Pacifier stars John Cena, Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland, Chris Conrad, Chukwudi Iwuji, Lochlyn Munro, Annie Chang, Christopher Heyerdahl, Alison Araya, and Lenny Jacobson. The eight-episode series will hit HBO Max in January 2022.

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