While many fans love to rewatch Jersey Shore, some seasons of the show are hard to watch right now. Some even leave fans cowering and uncomfortable.

While The Jersey Shore has always been a fan favorite show, there are some seasons of the original series that fans hate to see again. As the show was filled with drama, fights, and heartbreaks, most of which were between Ronnie and Sam, some scenes are hard to watch now, eleven years later. These are some of the hardest seasons to watch again according to fans.

The Jersey Shore It started in 2009 when a group of six strangers became roommates for an entire summer. Since everyone seemed to have clicked instantly (besides Angelina, of course), the roommates quickly became a family. The show was a fan favorite that ran for six seasons, allowing the cast to travel to both Miami and Italy. Over the years, fans watched the group run into trouble. Some have been arrested, some have gotten into physical fights, and some have been through nasty breakups. In spite of everything, the roommates have stayed by each other’s side. The original group of six has changed a lot from then until now.

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Though The Jersey Shore Fans love to rewatch the original series, there are some seasons that are harder to watch than others. Plus fans on Reddit They seem to agree that Season 3 is the hardest to rewatch. This season portrays the worst of Ronnie and Sam’s fights. While many actually enjoyed watching this season more than others when it first aired, it’s hard now to see how viewers have grown and matured. Ronnie and Sam’s toxic and abusive relationship leaves fans feeling “uncomfortable. “Some even skip certain episodes because of this. Watching them destroy each other’s belongings is”unbearable“to see. Season 3 leaves fans sympathizing with Sam as they can’t”imagine what was going through his head.” His “devastation“It was quite noticeable throughout the season, particularly in the fight scenes. This season makes fans understand why Sam chose not to return for the show’s spin-off. The ongoing fights between Ron and Sam overshadowed the”funny“moments throughout the season.

The show started to go “downhill“after season 3. Many viewers agree that seasons 4 and 5 were hard to watch too. Fans enjoyed season 4 as much as the cast enjoyed the filming, not much. It was pretty obvious that the cast didn’t enjoy it. his time in Italy. The “really dark moments“Of the season leaves fans cowering as they watch. The drama between Mike and Snooki generated tension among the roommates. This season also featured Mike.”at its worst. “As the cast went from filming season 4 in Italy to filming season 5 on Jersey Shore without interruption, the drama and darkness carried over into the new season.

Though The Jersey Shore is a fan favorite show, many fans are only able to rewatch parts of the original series as the rest tend to be too painful to watch. Fortunately, the spinoff series is less intense when it comes to the toxic behaviors of the original show. Mike “The Siutation” just confirmed that there will be another season, giving fans even more seasons to watch again.

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