Mike’s “The Situation” wife, Lauren, has reappeared in episodes of Jersey Shore. Here’s everything you need to know about her, including her net worth.

What The Jersey Shore As fans continue to get used to seeing Mike “The Situation” wife Lauren Sorrentino on the show, they are eager to learn more about her. Lauren began appearing on the show during the spinoff series. Jersey Shore: Family Vacationas she and Mike got back together after their college romance until after the end of the original show. Now that Snooki has retired from the show, Lauren reappears more frequently.

Mike and Lauren have known each other since before their The Jersey Shore days. The two reconnected after the end of the original show, when Mike began his journey to improve. When the spinoff show first aired, Mike was not only freshly sober, but in a committed relationship as well. Fans quickly began to love Mike’s relationship with Lauren. They even got to see how Mike proposed to Lauren on the show. Although the couple have been through difficult times together, including Mike’s jail time and Lauren’s miscarriage, they currently live in the cloud as they patiently await the birth of their first child together.

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So who really is the woman that keeps Mike grounded? Lauren Sorrentino just celebrated her 36th birthday in January. She, like Mike, was born in New Jersey, which is where the couple currently resides. Lauren and Mike met in college, where they first dated. They later went their own way when Mike entered the world of reality TV before meeting up afterward. The Jersey Shore It ended. When the two got back together, Lauren was working as a real estate agent near her hometown in New Jersey. Around 2016, Lauren promoted his real estate career on his public Facebook page. It is unknown when Lauren dropped out of her real estate career; however, it could be assumed that it was about the same time The Jersey Shore made a comeback with Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in 2018.

In addition to being Mike’s right-hand man, supporting him in everything life presents to them, Lauren keeps quite busy with her own business. When Lauren graduated from college, she interned at ELLE Magazine before later working as a shopping assistant at Saks. Now Lauren still has a love for fashion has a “LSX Lauren” product line. She and Mike also work together on a product line of their own, as well as on their podcast, “Here’s the Sitch.” Surprisingly, Lauren reportedly has a significantly higher net worth than her husband Mike. Lauren’s net worth is said to be around $ 4 million, while Mike’s is about $ 500,000, one of the lowest of the The Jersey Shore cast net worth. A portion of Lauren’s income comes from her activity on social media. With 1.3 million followers, Lauren is said to earn around $ 4,500 per sponsored post.

It’s no wonder Lauren has a higher net worth than her husband Mike, as he was involved in their tax fraud scandal for quite some time. Most likely Lauren will also bring part of her arrival by reappearing in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation; however, how much he earns per episode is unknown.

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