Find out more about the Wyoming ranch Kanye West has been living on amid reported marriage problems with Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West has been living on his ranch in Cody, Wyoming, amid reported marital problems between him and Kim Kardashian. Considering how long it’s been since the rap / fashion mogul was spotted with him keeping up with the Kardashians star, the ranch he has been living on while his wife and children remain in Los Angeles is worth a look.

Late last year, reports surfaced with claims that Kim and Kanye have been living separate lives, with Kim staying in Calabasas with their four children while Kanye lives alone on his ranch in Wyoming. During the following month, new reports were requested “divorce is imminent” for the superstar couple after six years of marriage and four children together. It’s been some time since the founder of KKW Beauty was publicly seen with the founder of Yeezy. Insiders say the tension between the pair began last summer after the rap and fashion mogul announced his presidential campaign. While she is said to have been the last straw for the reality star, others say she grew weary of her lavish lifestyle.

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While the divorce has not been officially announced or confirmed, the married couple appear to be living separately. Just a few weeks ago, Kanye was seen arriving in Los Angeles a week before sources said he was getting his things out of Kim’s house. With him spending so much time in Wyoming, fans have begun to wonder what is so special about his Midwestern ranch. Shortly after launching its 2020 campaign, Business Insider revealed the massive additions that rapper “Stronger” was adding to his $ 14 million ranch. Ten bedrooms and two underground garages were on Kanye’s list of expansions to the Monster Lake Ranch that he first purchased in September 2019. His home already spans hundreds of acres and includes a restaurant, lounge, shooting range, various cabins and stables for horses. , and a beautiful backdrop of mountains in the near distance. But in July 2020, it was granted permission to add a 52,000-square-foot home and two underground garages.

The rapper also has plans to add two additional lake houses to the ranch. Years earlier, the eccentric artist was working on building dome-shaped structures in Los Angeles to house the homeless. It is said that he also plans to add similar structures on his Wyoming property. Two months after purchasing Monster Lake Ranch, he also purchased a $ 15 million ranch that is an hour’s drive away. No one is exactly sure what Kanye plans to do with all this land and property, but he has been living there in seclusion since he lost the election.

It is said that Kanye does not want his children to grow up in “fake“LA. But if the rumors are true and he and Kim are headed for divorce, the rapper might have to keep dividing his time between his ranch and Kim’s home in Calabasas.

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Source: Business Insider

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