Rabe also talks about getting a SAG card in ‘Mona Lisa Smile’, giving up her role from ‘The Hunger Games’, and more.

Lily rabeThe power of the stars soared when American horror story became an epic phenomenon upon its launch in 2011. She continues to excel on that series, but has also been quite busy adding more titles to her resume, the most recent additions being from HBO. Undoing and the latest from Amazon, Tell me your secrets.

Rabe heads up the show as Karen Miller, a woman who is arrested with her boyfriend Kit (Xavier Samuel) for the role he played in the murders he committed. At the beginning of the series, she is released from prison and is part of the Witness Protection Program, assuming the name Emma Hall. As she tries to stay hidden and stay out of trouble, Emma is also challenged to find out what really happened to one of Kit’s victims, an incident she says she can’t remember.

Lily Rabe in Tell me your secrets

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If you have seen all AHS, Undoing Y Tell me your secrets or just a credit on Rabe’s resume, I’m willing to bet you already know that he often excels in whatever show he’s on. But if you’re only familiar with Rabe’s work on television, it’s time to better understand she has really accomplished over the years in this episode of Collider Ladies Nightbecause Rabe’s achievements are especially strong and his aspirations will be very exciting to follow as his star continues to grow.

Rabe’s potential in that regard was apparent early on, even when he first obtained his coveted Screen Actors Guild card. While studying at Northwestern, Rabe chose to take a semester off to participate in a screenwriting program at NYU. But, while in New York, another opportunity presented itself:

“I went to New York for a semester. I went into this scriptwriting program and I think I did something like three days and was obsessed with it. And then I did this audition for Mona Lisa Smile. It was a way to get my SAG card. They only paid me scale, but it was a huge amount of money for me at the time. Then I put it away and it kind of helped me when I graduated. So I ended up not getting those credits and working during that time and then I came back. ”

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Lily Rabe in Tell me your secrets

Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile

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Mona Lisa smile hit theaters in 2003 and settled at Wellesley College in the 1950s. He starred in Julia Roberts As an art history teacher, eager to encourage her students to follow the lives that seem true to them, rather than the lives they are expected to lead. The set featured a lot of very familiar faces at the time, including Julia Stiles, Kirsten dunst Y Maggie gyllenhaal, but soon a handful of Mona Lisa smile cast members who only had only three lines in the movie would become powerful and familiar names.

“I felt like it was just a great group of wonderful women. They were all very generous. There was like a little package of us. I think they each had about three lines in the movie. It was Krysten Ritter and Kristen Connolly. I have worked with Kristen several times since then. I think there were four or five of us and it felt like this little group of us where we were probably talking a total of 20 lines between the five of us, but it was a great experience. You felt part of the fabric of the film and all those wonderful actresses playing all the other parts that I have now come across and worked with. So yeah, it was a great start. But at the time he was very focused on going back to school. There was no part of me that said, ‘Okay, after this, I’ll stay and audition.’ I really wanted to go back to Northwestern. ”

It turns out that this urge to finish school sparked a recurring nightmare that may seem very relatable to some, including myself. Rabe laughed and explained:

“I still have this recurring nightmare now that I am told I don’t have enough credits to graduate. It’s like going out without your clothes in a recurring dream, but I still have that dream, so I really remember counting the credits and [going], ‘Okay, I’ll graduate on time if I do this, if I take this time off’ ”

Lily Rabe and Enrique Murciano in Tell Me Your Secrets

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This here is just a small step on Rabe’s journey to Tell me your secrets, which is now available to stream in its entirety on Amazon. Check out our full Collider Ladies Night conversation to find out more about what Rabe decided to do after graduating from college, why he chose Much ado About Nothing more to join The Hunger Games franchise, how did you get involved in American horror story and much more! We have the chat available in video form at the top of this article and the podcast version for you below:

Lily Rabe:

  • 00:33 – At first, Rabe dreamed of becoming a dancer.

  • 01:07 – How Rabe ended up doing his first monologue.

  • 02:55 – Rabe details her experience at university and why it was important for her to study acting and other subjects as well.

  • 05:25 – Taking a semester out of school to participate in a screenwriting program; reservation Mona Lisa smile and getting your SAG card.

  • 07:48 – Rabe remembers working at Mona Lisa smile along with Krysten Ritter and Kristen Connolly.

  • 10:01 – Choosing to focus on theater early in your career; theater culture in New York.

  • 11:56 AM – Rabe discusses the value of continuing to work on stage as his on-screen career thrives.

  • 13:49 – Remembering the work of David Milch Last of the Ninth; how it was when that HBO pilot was not cast in the series.

  • 17:07 – Rabe recounts his experience joining the cast of American horror story.

  • 19:50 – The benefit of working non-stop and flying back and forth to New York and Los Angeles during AHS Season 1 so she could do too Seminar on Broadway.

  • 21:36 – Rabe teases American horror story Season 10.

  • 22:49 – What really happened to The Hunger Games? Why did Rabe quit the role?

  • 26:28 – The thrill of playing essentially two parts with one soul in Tell me your secrets; immediately knowing she had to commit after meeting Harriet Warner.

  • 30:04 – It is Tell me your secrets Sweatiest show Rabe has ever done?

  • 32:04 – Tell me your secrets The spoilers start here! Did Rabe and Linklater have to keep character details a secret during filming?

  • 35:22 – Rabe on Karen’s trusting nature; Is Emma staying in a place where she can no longer trust anyone?

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