Bowser’s Fury has various hidden items for players to find across the various maps in the game, such as the 100 Cat Shines. Here are the first 25.

Bowser’s fury offers many secret items for players to find, including 100 Cat Shines. These Shines can be found in the many areas of the island within the game. This list is for the first 25 of the 100 Cat Shines that Cat Mario can find.

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Each area will have five Cat Shines. However, one of the five will always be divided into five fragments. This equates to nine items per area for the player to track. Here we will cover Scamper Shores, Fort FlapTrap, Slipskate Slope, and Pounce Bounce Isle.

The first 25 Cat Shine locations in Bowser’s Fury

Scamper Costs:

  • Make the lighthouse shine – Next to the lighthouse.
  • Shadow Fury by the shore – In the middle of the south coast near the tower.
  • Key to cat shine – In a cage on the shore near the starting point.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – On the southeast coast, behind blocks of fury.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first fragment is near the center of the lower area of ​​the island on a lateral level lower than the tower in a cove. The second requires Cat Mario to climb up a moving lattice on the side of the tower and jump on top, towards the tower. The third is between the southern and middle portions of the island on top of the third movable lattice. The room is in the same area as the first, in a small wooden room that requires Cat Mario to be in his flying cube form to pass through the only window. The fifth fragment is in the same area as the third, swimming under the stone platform, climb the support pillar up to the mobile lattice. With all five, they will connect becoming the fifth Cat Shine.

Strong FlapTrap:

  • Bully the Cat Thugs – Near the middle of the eastern half of this area, let Bowser Jr. intimidate all the big cats through the traps. This glow will come off after all the bullies have been dealt with.
  • Blue coin bustle – Collect all the blue coins in Fort FlapTrap. Just press the blue button on the front to start the blue coin bonanza.
  • Show’s over, Magikoopas cat – Defeat all feline magikoopas in another event at Fort FlapTrap.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – In the fight with Fury Bowser on the northeast coast, hide behind the blocks of fury as he prepares to spit fire. Once you do, the rage blocks will be destroyed, revealing a glow under them in a hole.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first one is on the right side of the front of Fort FlapTrap. The second is on top of a tree on the northeast coast. The third is behind the lighthouse near the tree. The room is under a bunch of trees near the southern end of this area. The fifth is at the north end of this area, run and break one of the misplaced blocks on the wall to break it and reveal the last fragment.

Slipskate earring:

  • Make the lighthouse shine – Near the lighthouse at the north end of the thin island.
  • Blue coin bustle – At the fat south end of the slim island, start the bustle of the blue coins and skate towards victory to collect all the blue coins and the cat glitter.
  • Key to cat shine – Another key collection minigame. Go back up the slope with the key in tow. The glitter is caged within the central area of ​​the starting point to lower the slope.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – When fighting Fury Bowser, hide near the fury blocks on the side of the slope and let him smash them with his fire breath. The shine is back behind them.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first can be obtained from the goombas cats at the top of the slope. The second is right next to the first downhill ramp. The third is near the barbed wall after the first ramp. The fourth is at the end of the rounded mobile panels on the slope. The last one is off the last ramp on the slope near the lighthouse.

Jump Island Bounce:

  • Make the lighthouse shine – Next to the dark lighthouse on the north central island.
  • Hurry! Jump high, jump fast! – Press the purple button to sprint through Pounce Bounce Isle to the glow that appears next to the green striped lighthouse with a cat glow symbol on it.
  • Key to cat shine – Collect the key from the top of the island near all the Cat Bullet Bills. Go back to the bottom near the cat arch to find the Shine cat in a cage.
  • Destroy the fury blocks – During another fight with Fury Bowser, near the northwest area, jump over the wall and climb in front of the fury blocks. Wait for Fury Bowser to put out his flames and jump out of the way. It will destroy the blocks revealing a Cat Shine.
  • Five Cat Glitter Shards – The first is above the cat strings. The second fragment is near the top of the bounce house, on the right side. Throw Mario’s boomerang to get it easily. Climb up one of the stone walls near the top of the bounce house to get the third shard. The fourth fragment is at the end of the bridge at the north end of the map. The fifth is to the rear of the single wall near the ramp and the green lighthouse.

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Super Mario 3d World + Bowser’s Fury is available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

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