In Episode 7, the lower-level character Tomozaki designs a memorable campaign speech for Mimimi. But is it enough to defeat Hinami?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tomozaki episode 7 of the lower level character, “When a mentor character becomes the boss, they will push him to the limit”, which is now airing on Funimation.

In episode 7 of Lower level character Tomozaki, Tomozaki and Mimimi continue their hard work preparing for the Student Council Election Day, aiming for an impromptu strategy to defeat Hinami’s campaign. Tomozaki knows that Hinami is an expert in everything she does, including public speaking, so she brings her sharpest playing instincts to Mimimi’s Election Day speech, with memorable results for the entire school.

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Hinami and Tomozaki haven’t seen each other much since the elections began. When the big day arrives, they head to the assembly hall together. Surprisingly, Tomozaki feels confident, not because he is certain that Mimimi will win, but because he knows they have given everything they have and enjoys the challenge of facing his mentor. The electoral speeches of both girls bring surprises and delight, but in the end a landslide victory.

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Tomozaki knows that Hinami’s popularity and her uncanny ability to bond with her fellow students can’t be beat with a typical campaign speech, so she approaches Mimimi’s speech from a different angle: humor. As Mimimi makes her pitch to the student body, Tomozaki escapes to an upper balcony above the audience. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and the electronic voice of Navi (the off-brand version of Amazon’s Alexa program) comes through the speakers to chat with Mimimi. She makes Navi turn off the alarm when the sudden interruption turns into witty back-and-forth conversation that delights the audience.

Tomozaki’s goal is to show that Mimimi’s quick thinking and calm under pressure allows her to handle problems as soon as they arise and that she can do the same for her fellow students if she is elected president. The impromptu chat with Navi portrays her as a leader and a sharp speaker, leaving the audience laughing with delight.

But Hinami is the toughest opponent imaginable for a reason, and she knows Tomozaki well. His speech refers to an electric ball pump for sports clubs and air conditioning in classrooms, the two main promises of Mimimi’s campaign. Hinami predicted her strategy or overheard other students talking about her, and she attacks without mercy. While Tomozaki’s plan was to campaign on the AC theme for freshmen, Hinami publicly guarantees it to the entire school. He even takes the bold step of berating his teachers who can laugh at his promise, from his elegant air-conditioned break room. His cleverly crafted presentation is strong, memorable, and compelling.

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In the end, Hinami becomes president of the Student Council, winning the vote by a nearly 4 to 1 margin. Tomozaki remains optimistic despite her defeat, knowing that he and Mimimi did their best to win. Mimimi appears to be her normal self on the surface, but her best friend Tama can tell that something is wrong. Tama is very cautious and rarely opens up to others, but Tomozaki’s listening skills shine through when she talks about her unlikely friendship with Mimimi. Although Tama is the introvert, she keeps an eye on Mimimi and sees that she has been keeping track of the practice even before Hinami and stays later after school.

Mimimi has competed with Hinami many times, but she is always in second place. She represents the most difficult challenge that Mimimi desperately wants to overcome. Tomozaki learns that people are not always what they seem on the surface, as Mimimi, despite her normal cheerful exterior, is rapidly pushing herself to the point of exhaustion. She understands the desire to push boundaries and, thanks to Hinami, knows the value of setting difficult but achievable goals. Despite her still low-level social skills, can Tomozaki help her friend overcome her inner struggles?

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