The Strixhaven set from Magic: The Gathering is a long way off, but the previews may lure players in with some jaw-dropping reprints of alternate art.

Magic: The Gathering you’re set for an exciting 2021, including the recent release of the Nordic-inspired version Kaldheim place. Kaldheim may be the center of attention right now, but already, some Magic Fans are looking forward to what comes next, including the Time Spiral Remastered set and the next expansion, Strixhaven: Wizard School.

It’s still too early for the full Strixhaven spoiler season, but some tentative spoilers have arrived. This includes a cycle of enemy color commands. Plus, there are some fancy alternative art reprints coming to Strixhaven, a real treat for fans.

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Classic reprints, classy new art

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This isn’t the first time Wizards of the Coast has included stylish reprints in an expansion set. In 2015, Wizards included alternate art land cards in the Battle for Zendikar block, the Zendikar Expeditions. This set of additional alternate art cards launched the Masterpiece series, which continued with the Inventions of Kaladesh (including those of the Sol Ring and Wurmcoil Engine) and the Summons of Amonkhet (including Blood Moon and Force of Will).

The Masterpiece series appears to be over, but the concept lives on in other companion cards, such as the Nordic-inspired alternate art cards of the Kaldheim appearing in foil and non-foil versions alike, as well as the box trims of the latest Teachers products). Is now StrixhavenIts the turn.

The first spoilers reveal three valuable and traditional cards: Demonic Tutor, Opt, and Swords to Plowshares. These represent a decent variety of rarities and colors in just three spoiler cards. So far these are all instantaneous and sorceries. Based on the “elite magic college” theme by Strixhaven, most or all of these cards are likely to be instants and sorceries, probably in all five colors.

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Given the nature of these three damaged cards, cards such as Mana Leak, Lightning Bolt, Beast Within, Terminate, Abrupt Decay, Thoughtseize, and Lightning Helix, among other cards, may also appear. In any case, these spoiled cards feature a new frame, with golden fields and unique artwork that may remind viewers of stained glass or classic paintings. However, unlike the Invocations of Amonkhet, the text is not cluttered with difficult-to-read hieroglyphic-style text, a common complaint of Invocations.

It should be noted that, although each Strixhaven The booster pack will have one of these premium cards, those cards will not be legal in Standard. They are strictly bonuses and are only legal in formats where the originals are as well. No one is about to put Demon Tutor in their Standard deck, unless that card is actually part of the Strixhaven place. Given everything, that’s pretty unlikely.

Strixhaven’s Japanese Exclusive Cards

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Players can remember the 2019 alternate art Planeswalker cards. Spark War , which were exclusive to Japanese booster packs and featured unique art styles. This concept returns FOR Strixhaven, and the first spoilers included Japanese versions of Demonic Tutor, Opt, and (probably) Swords to Plowshares. Like the English cards, these three have a new frame and border, but add a classic Japanese touch to their look.

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Each card has its name in a vertical box on the left, as opposed to the horizontal bar at the top, and the mana cost floats openly on the art. The type line on the card is shortened and shifted to the left, leaving more room for the artwork. These cards have a remarkable and classic look to them, from the red, white, and black in Demonic Tutor to the mythical-looking Samurai in the white card and the robed woman in Opt.

Japanese alternative art cards can become highly desirable novelties for Western collectors. Also, since these cards are well-established building blocks, few players should have a problem recognizing and understanding these cards when they see them during a game.

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