Mass Effect’s Andromeda Initiative faced many unexpected phenomena in the Heleus Cluster, but nothing could have prepared them for the Plague.

Before leaving for the Andromeda galaxy, Massive effectThe Andromeda Initiative did its best to prepare for the unexpected. However, one thing that no one could have imagined prior to departure was that they would encounter a mysterious and dangerous group of energy that would spread its terrible tendrils throughout the Heleus group.

The Scourge, as it became known, encountered travelers upon entering, cutting parts of their ships to pieces and causing technological failures throughout the ship that nearly destroyed the Initiative’s Nexus station even before it was established. Several high-ranking members of the Initiative were killed when the Nexus encountered the Scourge, creating even greater chaos as scientists struggled to understand this strange and malevolent foe.

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The Plague seemed to challenge everything contemporary science knew about space and matter, describing it as a kind of cloud of dark energy or charged absence. Previously sound scientific theories related to dark energy seemed to describe the Plague, and yet everything science knew about dark energy conflicted with the behavior of the strange energy.

All of the Andromeda Initiative’s research and scans of the galaxy prior to departure revealed nothing of the Plague, suggesting that the phenomenon occurred at some point during its 600-year journey through the stars. Studying his nature to better understand him was near impossible, as they quickly discovered that he reacted negatively to technology, rendering things almost useless just by getting close to the Scourge.

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When the Ark Hyperion reached the Heleus Cluster, they encountered the same chaos and destruction as the Nexus. With the help of SAM, they were able to stabilize and get their technology in order so that the human Pathfinder Alec Ryder could bring a recon team to the surface of Habitat 7. The two shuttles of Alec’s team encountered heavy resistance as they descended towards Habitat. 7. the serious malfunctions of its shuttles causing their separation.

Young Ryder, Alec’s son, was on the second recon team with Andromeda Initiative member Liam Kosta. When Kosta and Ryder met on the surface, they teamed up to find the rest of the shuttle crew and Ryder’s father. Moving through Habitat 7, which the Initiative had classified as a “Golden World” ready to settle before leaving the Milky Way, they discovered that nothing was as they had predicted on the planet.

Hoping to find a lush, tropical environment with plenty of biological diversity, they instead found that most of the abundant plant life they expected had not survived the changes that the Plague brought about on the planet. Ryder quickly learned that the atmosphere was no longer breathable, as it was based primarily on nitrogen and argon, and had to repair the crack in his hull in order to breathe.

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After meeting with the other team and finding Alec again, he pointed out a structure that he believed could help them understand what happened on the planet, and perhaps even fix it. They infiltrated what they later learned to be an above-ground Remnant facility, and when Alec paired his SAM unit with alien technology, it helped stabilize the environment. It would eventually become habitable again with terraforming efforts.

The Remnant technology Pathfinder Ryder encountered throughout the galaxy appeared to be deeply affected by the Scourge, as were the other potential Golden Worlds. Over the course of the game, neither the Pathfinder nor the Initiative scientists fully understood the nature of the Scourge, but Ryder learned of its potential source.

During its 600-year period of travel from the Milky Way, the Heleus Cluster was visited by another alien race known as the Jardaan. The Jardaan created the Remnant to protect and guard their underground terraforming structures when they were forced to leave the galaxy after encountering an unnamed alien threat. The two races went to war, and the Scourge was the result of hostile aliens that detonated a powerful weapon on a remnant space station called the Khi Tasira.

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An Initiative scientist, Dr. Leynomi Aridana, surmised that the detonation created a deformation throughout the cluster in the space-time continuum connecting numerous points in the Heleus Cluster at the same time. This resulted in the massive destruction of several planets in the cluster, and the debris from those planets captured in the tendrils of the Scourge make it nearly impossible to navigate even with functional technology. The radiation transformed much of that debris into Element Zero, but EZO’s collection was hampered by a malfunctioning technology.

The Jardaan were forced to flee, leaving their technology and efforts behind. It is unknown where they went or if they or the “opposition” will ever return to Andromeda, but considering the effort they made to make the galaxy habitable, it seems likely that their travels will take them back.

Perhaps they will come with the means to disperse the Scourge once and for all. Until that day, it can only be assumed that the Andromeda Initiative and the galaxy’s only native race, the Angara, will do everything in their power to prevent the Scourge in an effort to make most of the galaxy a place. cozy and safe. .

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