Moshae is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and hope for the Angara. When faced with the task of saving her from the Kett, it is impossible to refuse.

Mass Effect: AndromedaThe only race native to the Heleus Cluster, the Angara, have a tentative idea of ​​its true history. As the game progressed and SAM and Pathfinder unearthed hidden truths, it became clear that many of the Angara’s memories of the pre-Scourge era were clouded by misconceptions and, perhaps, planted information left behind by the Jardaan, their creators.

Moshae Sjefa, who was born to humble origins as explorers at a deep space research station, echoed the admiration of his people through his many technological discoveries. Although she scoffed at the idea of ​​Moshae’s reverence, believing that the ancient mythological position of reverence was not suitable for her, she did everything in her power to become worthy of it once it was bestowed upon her.

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Sjefa spent decades of his life studying Remnant technology left behind by its mysterious creators after the Scourge. She amassed a large following, who enthusiastically went with her to the field to study the Remnant. Among them were the leader of Roekaar, Aksull (who he fondly considered one of his best students) and Jaal Ama Darav. Jaal did not highlight his studies with Moshae, instead turning to other fascinations, but when the Pathfinder asked him about his time with her, he remembered that time and his mentor with deep affection.

Because Moshae Sjefa had such a firm hold on the Remnant, his studies and knowledge ultimately caught the attention of the Archon of Kett. The Archon himself had developed a deeply damaging fascination for the Remnant, which he believed contained the secrets to unlocking beneficial mysteries in the Heleus Cluster that would eventually lead him to a position of power over his superiors.

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A traitorous Resistance warrior named Vehn Terev was eventually assigned as Moshae’s bodyguard by their leader, Evfra. Terev believed that Evfra and other Resistance leaders were wasting their time and resources protecting a useless old woman. He believed that they should have been focused on his efforts to drive Kett’s forces out of the galaxy, so when Terev learned of the Archon’s fascination with Moshae Sjefa, he managed to hand it over to him in hopes that it would stop the war with the Kett.

Aboard the Archon’s flagship, Moshae Sjefa was mercilessly tortured by the Archon and his men. In her refusal to give him what she wanted, she was punished. They did not let her sleep, they hung her motionless and her bones were broken more than once. During her time as a prisoner, she became ill and her immune system was so severely compromised that she would have died had the Archon not decided that she was the perfect candidate for exaltation.

The exaltation altered the subject, turning them into Kett. Although they were physically lost to the transformation, they also retained much of the information they carried within. Exalting Moshae Sjefa would make her more docile to his demands and, as an ally, lead him to the information about the Remnant that he so desperately sought.

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When Angara asked Pathfinder Ryder to help rescue Moshae from the Voeld facility, they didn’t know what to expect when they found her. She did everything in her power to survive, and although her tests were difficult, the scientist within her knew she needed to hold herself well enough to study what the Ketts were doing. She recorded her experiences and reactions, always in the hope that her research would be somehow useful to her people.

Upon saving her, he recommended that the Pathfinder blow up the facility, despite the fact that there were still several Angara imprisoned within. His logic was that as long as the facility was up, the Kett would simply fill it with more prisoners and continue its experiments. Jaal disagreed, desperately wanting to save as many of his people as possible. Although it was possible to save the Angara, the players were unable to save them and still blow up the facility.

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If Ryder followed Moshae’s advice, their relationship started off on the right foot. However, if she was ignored, she would feel somewhat resentful when they asked her for advice again. When it was time for Moshae to take Ryder to the Vault, Ryder’s curiosity caused her to jokingly ask if they were applying to become one of his students.

As the plot continued to thicken and it was revealed that the Angara were created by the Jardaan, Moshae Sjefa confessed that (although she should be shocked by this news) a part of her felt as if she had always known the truth about her origins. Joining the Resistance in the final fight against the Kett, she protected the Salarian Pathfinder during the battle and could later be chosen to become an Ambassador of the Nexus.

Although she never asked to be celebrated and revered, Moshae Sjefa played an essential role in the technological discoveries and advancement of her people. Saving her from Kett’s exaltation when asked to do so might well have turned the tide of the overall battle with the foreign invaders. After all, who can say how much stronger the enemy could have gotten if they had managed to make the Moshae one of them.

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