The MCU is full of natural leaders, but which characters would do well to run for office, and who would be their running partners?

A presidential race is underway and some of the best and worst in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are running for office. Forget the political side of things for a moment. This is not about parties. It’s about power, honor, respect, and influence, but on a much larger scale.

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When the votes are cast, there will be a leader and a second in command. Who will you choose to run the county? Will he be a savior or a villain? How about a combination of both on the same ticket? Things can get really interesting.

18 Captain America (president)

Who wouldn’t vote for Captain America as President of the United States? Cap is everything a leader should be and while the skeletons in his closet are minimal at best, he embodies what the country stands for. Cap is as clean as they come in the MCU.

17 Falcon (vice president)

Hawk in flight

Everyone needs that partner who will support them no matter what. For some, offering the position to their childhood friend Bucky Barnes may be a great solution, but over the years, it’s Falcon who has been with Cap through it all.

sixteen Iron Man (president)

Iron Man

If Cap is running for office, there’s no way Iron Man won’t throw his hat in the ring. Watching Iron Man and Cap debate would be fun. Stark could be a great life for the defense of the country, as his technology is the best in the country. His selfish ways may cause him to lose votes, but it would be fun to see Tony as president.

fifteen War Machine (Vice President)

Rhodey War Machine Baby Thanos Plan Avengers Endgame

As with Sam, Tony will need a person by his side to follow him deep into the earth without a second thought. War Machine is and will always be loyal to Stark. Also, War Machine differs from Tony in the fact that he gets along with everyone.

14 Thor (president)

Let’s remove everything that should be from the country or even from this global requirement and let whoever wants to run run. Since Thor is homeless and the vast majority of his battles take place on earth, Thor is basically a resident of this great country. His father groomed him to be a leader.

13 Smart Hulk (Vice President)

There is only one person besides Jane who would be a perfect match for Thor and that would be the Hulk. Their bond is much better than it was when they first met. While they can still go head-to-head, Thor and Smart Hulk look like one of the best bromances in the MCU.

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The Hulk is no longer the vegetable shredder machine. He has softer manners, which will work well with his new position of power.

12 Nick Fury (president)

Nick Fury in the MCU

There are no Avengers without Nick Fury. By default, it should win any election overwhelmingly. You have the entire MCU at your disposal and command. When Fury calls, you come. While Fury is a bit badass and can be a bit reserved and cunning, he means well most of the time.

eleven Phil Coulson (Vice President)

Agents of SHIELD Phil Coulson

No one can stand being Fury’s right hand man as well as Phil Coulson. What makes this such an attractive presidential ticket is that both men have shown that they can lead without the other. But put them together and you can’t stop them.

10 Mack (president)

Agents of SHIELD Mack Fury Finale

When Coulson died, the position of Director passed to Mack. While most believed Daisy should have taken over, it was Mack who stepped up and started making tough decisions. Mack is a pure human being who should be easy for people to sell. He is all of his heart and will put his normal life on the line to protect his people.

9 Daisy (vice president)

Mack can make the tough decisions, but even the kindest heroes can lose focus. When that happens, the president should have a partner by his side who can lower the hammer if necessary. Despite his cold demeanor at times, he calls himself a Quake for a reason.

8 Gamora (president)

Gamora is often left out of the MCU main character roster while playing the background in Guardians of the Galaxy. But Gamora wasn’t raised to play a supporting role for anyone. Although she is not the biological daughter of Thanos, Gamora still has the traits of her father. She is demanding and can be as deadly as her father.

7 Black Widow (Vice President)

Iron Man 2 Black Widow

Black Widow is not a character to be taken lightly. However, the reason she would make a good vice president is that Natasha is a great soldier.

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Letting Gamora lead the way will allow Natasha to set the tone behind the scenes as she always has.

6 Killmonger (president)

Marvel fans are still mourning Killmonger. Was he a villain or an enemy? Killmonger has still shown the leadership skills to make those behind him follow him. He entered Wakanda and set a tone of leadership in which he was supposed to play a supporting role.

5 Shuri (vice president)

Shuri in Black Panther

It makes sense for the White House to play at home with Wakanda. While Killmonger is perceived as a villain, he had a purpose. Shuri, on the other hand, is a fan favorite in the MCU. If anyone can keep Killmonger in check, it’s Shuri. She is a genius when it comes to technology.

4 The Kingpin

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin

Evil lurks everywhere, even in politics. Kingpin is exactly what its name suggests it to be. He is a boss and a caller. Although letting you lead the way could be catastrophic, that still doesn’t mean you should be left out of any ticket.

3 Wana Maximoff (Vice President)

Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Marvel WandaVision

This is a difficult ticket here. Kingpin is as sinister as it comes and thanks to WandaVision, some fans place Wanda in the same category. While she has her purpose, Wanda will play a great role as Vice President. Combining these two can be the ultimate balancing act between good and evil or the basis for the destruction of the world.

two Captain Marvel (President)

Captain Marvel is all about empowerment. Labeled as possibly the strongest Avenger, she can carry the burden of a leader. Captain Marvel has as much to protect in the county as any other hero. In addition, he served in the Armed Forces.

1 Pepper Potts (vice president)

Pepper is a character that is often overlooked. To understand its importance, look no further than Iron Man. It was Pepper who managed to keep Tony at bay. Pepper may not consider herself a leader for a second in command that would sit well with her.

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