With his formidable abilities and an army at his side, Thanos attacked many planets in the MCU, but oddly he never got close to Asgard.

During his time tormenting the Avengers, Thanos was easily the most destructive character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his formidable abilities and a savage army at his side, the Mad Titan attacked many planets, not to mention countless he slaughtered in his search for the Infinity Stones. So with all of that going for him, it’s kind of funny that he’s never attacked Asgard.

After the events of 2012 the AvengersThanos had to have known that the Space Stone, also known as the Tesseract, would be in Asgard after Loki’s arrest. But even with the gem’s location, he never pursued her or any of the other stones until much later. The reason for this remains a mystery, but Odin’s presence may have been a major detractor.

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Odin in Thor the Dark World

Odin was one of the only active beings in the MCU with the means and powers to fight Thanos. In fact, he might even have previously tried to obtain all the stones himself during his time of colonization of the nine kingdoms, as Hela alluded to in Thor: Ragnarok. The All-Father was so in love with the idea of ​​that power that he even made a replica of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Obviously, given the contents of his throne room, Odin knew a lot about the Infinity Stones and the power they possessed. With that being the case, it is likely that he also knew of Thanos and anyone else seeking that same power. Unfortunately, Odin, not being the most open person in the world, kept many things close to his chest, especially when it came to his children. Even after Loki worked for the Mad Titan, the All-Father did not inform him about the possible dangers lurking in the stars.

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However, it is possible that Odin kept his children in the dark because he was preparing to face Thanos the entire time. Given Asgard’s extensive army and defense system, it stands to reason that the King of the Nine Realms would have had a contingency plan for a showdown with the Mad Titan. Thanos commanded the Chitauri army, and although Rocket described them as the “most disgusting army in the galaxy” in Avengers Endgame, they still posed a threat to any kingdom.

As for the reason why Odin didn’t hit Thanos first, his later years were fraught with tragedy. After an attack by the Dark Elves led to the murder of his wife, Frigga, he was placed under Loki’s spell and sent to Earth, where he would spend his last days. It was during this period that Thanos began actively searching for the Stones, meaning Odin may have made a preemptive strike, he just didn’t get a chance.

Now all this information on Odin could be compelling enough that one understands why Thanos never attacked, but the real smoking gun came in. Avengers: Infinity War. After the destruction of Asgard, the kingdom’s refugees boarded a ship and set out for Earth, only to be attacked by Thanos’s forces, meaning he practically waited for his home to fall to attack. Without Odin, the Asgardians had no chance, and half of their population was decimated during their attack. It’s still just a theory for now, but unknowingly, Loki may have given Thanos his easiest victory to date when he sent his father packing to that retirement home.

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