Released in 2017, Netflix’s original German series. Dark is a science fiction drama based on time travel and how the past, present, and future are interconnected through decisions made by different individuals. The story revolves around a town called Winden, where children begin to disappear without a trace.

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Dark it’s exhilarating and once viewers are immersed in the complex story, there is no going back. Here are the best episodes of the entire Netflix series, according to IMDb.

Updated February 20, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Netflix’s Dark is an engaging and succinct German mystery sci-fi series that recently ended in 2020 with its third season and 26 episodes. At first, Dark is a confusing series that jumps between the past, the present and the future and asks its audience to pay attention to the constantly changing timeline, and to the new characters that are introduced in the different time periods, all culminating in a well. -Global plot developed. The series has come to an exciting and satisfying ending with the series’ latest episode being the highest rated, according to IMDb.

fifteen “Dark matter” (9.0)

The second episode of the second season continues to show how various characters fare across various timelines. After the apocalypse, in 2052, a young Jonas struggles to find his way back to where he belongs. He comes across a time portal and tries to stabilize it so he can travel through time.

In 2020, Jonas’ eldest shows his mother Hannah that time travel is real and takes her back to the 80s. There, Mikkel meets Noah, while Egon, who learns that he has cancer, greets to an old Ulrich inside the Winden mental institution.

14 “The Creation” (9.1)

The sixth episode of season 1 reveals some surprising secrets about Winden and the history of the cave. Jonas struggles to deal with what he comes to know about his father and, after getting a clue, returns to the cave in search of some answers.

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Ulrich delves into the files on the disappearance of his brother Mads, while Regina gets to know something about his health. Ulrich also takes care of Hannah.

13 “The origin” (9.1)

Netflix dark the origin

This third season episode sees Marth and Jonas travel to the future to see the world in 2052, which is a scary and gruesome post-apocalypse world. In Winden in 1954, two residents disappear and the episode also switches to alternate worlds.

Also in 1954, Hannah receives surprising news after seeing the doctor and wonders how the news will affect her relationship with Egon and how the two will continue.

12 “As you sow, you will reap” (9.2)

The eighth episode of season 1 begins in 1953, where two disfigured bodies of children are found at the future location of the Winden nuclear power plant. A young Egon investigates these cases, while Helge (little boy) witnesses the crime scene.

In 2019, Ulrich follows an elderly Helge into the cave and makes a shocking discovery that stuns him. He then continues his search for Mikke in 1953l and that leads him to a young Helge. In 1989, The Stranger (or Major Jonas) continues to speak with HG Tanenhaus about the mysteries of time travel.

eleven “Alpha and Omega” (9.2)

The season 1 finale unlocks more mysteries about the supernatural events that occur in Winden. On November 4, 2019, the whereabouts of Peter and Tronte are revealed, while the older Claudia continues with her plan. Jonas and Martha go their separate ways, while Charlotte tries to find Ulrich and Helge.

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In 1953, Ulrich is in the custody of the Winden police and Egon tries to find answers for him. In 1986, Noah and middle-aged Helge make plans for their next kidnapping, while The Stranger confronts HG Tannhaus about the time machine.

10 “Ghosts” (9.2)

The third episode of season 2 begins with some revelations about Agnes, as she happens to be Noah’s sister and knows about time travel. In 1954, the boy Helge returns home but stops talking altogether. In 1987, Claudia talks to Tannhaus and Helge about time travel, which creates a mind-blowing conversation.

The elder Egon is still hell-bent on finding out what’s going on in Winden and talks to Ulrich at the mental institution about the same thing. Noah finally finds what he’s looking for, but is shocked, to say the least.

9 “Lost property” (9.3)

In the fifth episode of season 2, Jonas and Adam, in 1921, continue their talk about why it is necessary not to alter this endless cycle. This is one of the most important conversations in this series as it clarifies a lot about the different cycles.

In 2020, there are only two days left before the apocalypse and almost everyone is dealing with their monsters. In 1987, an elderly Ulrich finally meets Mikkel, but cannot bring him back home.

8 “The white devil” (9.3)

In the seventh episode of season 2, Egon investigates another gruesome murder, this time old Claudia is murdered in 1954. In 1987, young Claudia remembers that she has something important to deal with. In 2020, Martha acknowledges that Jonas may have returned and they finally see each other, but not as Martha expected.

Also, Clausen gets close to Alexander and his false identity. Also, Hannah takes Jonas’s time machine and visits Ulrich in 1954, while Claudia does something she will regret for the rest of her life.

7 “Light and shadow” (9.3)

Light and Shadow Netflix Dark

In this season 3 episode, Adam holds Martha captive in 2020 days before the apocalypse and Martha tries to escape and get help from Bartosz. The Stranger and the Unknowns are also shown in this episode in the 19th century and in an unknown time period.

The 2019 alternate world apocalypse is also shown as Martha attempts to time travel throughout the episode and the series nears its conclusion.

6 “Life and death” (9.4)

Life and death Netflix Dark

As usual, this season 3 episode jumps from the different time periods and alternate worlds within the Dark universe. The episode follows Claudia in 2020 as she buries her daughter and receives advice from her alternate world home.

Days before the apocalypse in 2020, Jonas is suspicious of Eva and her intentions and whether she wants him to stop the apocalypse or actually start it.

5 “The Travelers” (9.5)

In the fourth episode of season 2, Jonas (the youngest) lands in 1921, after traveling through a portal in 2052. In 2020, the oldest Jonas reveals everything he knows about time travel to Hannah, Charlotte and Peter, before they try to tell it. the same with Katharina.

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Also, Clausen continues his search for Alexander. In 1921, the (younger) Noah takes Jonas to the Sic Mundus, where he meets Adam.

4 “Endings and beginnings” (9.5)

The season 2 finale is an absolutely exceptional episode. It begins with the most amazing reveal about Charlotte’s parents, before Noah (the youngest) and Noah (the oldest) talk about life choices.

In 2020, it’s the day of the apocalypse and The Stranger has some chores to attend to. While the young Jonas, after reopening the portal in 1954, travels to 2020 where he meets Martha. The episode ends with a great twist.

3 “An endless cycle” (9.6)

In the sixth episode of season 2, the things that happened on June 20, 2019 (one day before Jonas’s father committed suicide) are finally revealed.

After talking to Adam, Jonas (the youngest) lands in 2019, to prevent his father Michael, aka Mikkel, from doing something that starts a cycle. This is one of the most anticipated matchups in the series.

two “Between time” (9.6)

Between Netflix Dark time

“Between the Time” is the penultimate episode of the series that brings together all the different plots, stories and characters in preparation for the final episode of the series. The entire cast of characters in the multiple time periods continue to try to save themselves and their loved ones before the inevitable apocalypse.

The episode again has the characters try to change their destiny and take into account the idea of ​​whether everything, like the apocalypse, is inevitable or they can change their future.

1 “Paradise” (9.7)

Netflix Dark Paradise

“Paradise” is the last episode of season 3 that completes the entire plot and general plot of the entire series. The episode tries to close all the loose ends of the complex series and put an end to all the stories.

Claudia and Adam interact in 2053 as they try to figure out how to destroy the knot as each of the alternate worlds finally shows their respective apocalypse days.

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