There were many wonderful stories in New girl. This is certainly easy to believe, since the show was able to run for several seasons while cultivating a fairly large audience at the same time. Many of those stories would build over time, helping many of its main characters grow in the process.

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However, there were also stories that the series seemed to cut too prematurely. In some cases, it could even be argued that they should never have been eliminated in the first place, as they offered great potential for even bigger moments in the series.

10 Coach as a member of the gang

Coach and group

The trainer was originally removed from the series after the pilot, as his portraitist had another obligation. However, when the coach returned, he definitely seemed to get closer to the group.

He would eventually end up going to New York sadly, and it was a huge loss for the series. It seemed like he had finally cemented a true place with the members of the loft, but they quickly took it away. It would have been nice to see his character’s progress if he had stayed for the rest of the series.

9 Tran as Nick’s father figure

Nick and Tran in the pool

When Nick and Tran spent time together, it was pretty healthy. This was due to the fact that Tran essentially became a father figure to Nick. This was nice to see, since Nick’s father was not active in his life at all.

It would also have been nice to see Tran be used in a higher role as the series progressed, as Nick cared for him so deeply. It also seemed that Tran was someone he felt comfortable sharing his feelings with, which was certainly not common for him.

8 Jess working in education

Jess as a teacher

Jess was a spectacular teacher. Definitely, her employers took sad advantage of her, and eventually that would lead to her leaving the field altogether. However, this was disappointing, as she had finally become a director.

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Jess was definitely the type of character that was needed in education. She was empathetic and worked hard to meet the needs of her students. Seeing her randomly work with Russell in season 7 was completely out of line.

7 Winston’s love of basketball

Winston Basketball

Although it was amazing to see Winston find a career away from sports, it was strange to see his character completely ignore basketball later on. He literally turned pro, albeit in Latvia, but he had quite a passion for the game.

It was understandable that the series would have him take a different route, but it was strange that it never mentioned the sport in later seasons. It was an important part of his life, even if he had left it professionally.

6 Sadie and Jess’s friendship

Jess and Sadie

At the beginning of the series, it was clear that Jess and Sadie were very close friends. Although Sadie was a minor character, she was seen a decent amount in the loft at first. However, she just completely disappeared.

In fact, she wasn’t even invited to Jess’s wedding, which was completely unacceptable. Sadie and Jess seemed to have a strong friendship, and it disappeared in the blink of an eye. Also, it would have been spectacular if he had become a member of the whole group.

5 Rhonda’s jokes

Winston and Rhonda

Rhonda’s time on the show was short-lived, but it sure made a big impact. Her affinity for jokes made her a wonderful couple with Winston. In fact, she even prank Winston into marrying her. Y he made a joke with a baby.

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This was pure comedy that should have been explored a lot more. Although Winston had moved in with Aly, it would have been great to see him and Rhonda become good friends due to their joking nature. It would have provided stellar content.

4 Abby in the loft


Jess and Abby’s relationship as siblings was immensely complicated. However, it would bring a ton of entertainment, even if Abby was on the show for just three episodes. It would have been of interest if the show had decided for him to stay.

Abby caused a lot of chaos in her short time with the group, but it was definitely interesting to watch. He was also a character that could have been amazing to watch grow as he clearly had flaws and had a lot of room for improvement.

3 Winston and Dunston as friends

Winston and Dunston

When Dunston became Winston’s partner at work, it seemed like they were a perfect match. This was specifically the case in regards to their similarities. It would have given the show a ton of comedy, if they had been made to continue interacting outside of work.

Dunston was absolutely hysterical and it would be great if he had a bigger role on the show. A friendship with Winston would have been the best route for this, of course. His only scene of them singing “Elation” at the bar was proof of this.

two Remy as the owner

Remy new girl

Remy was a unique character in the series. Although initially scary and intimidating, it changed quickly, expressing interest in both Nick and Jess. It would have been intriguing to see this carry over to later episodes.

Plus, having Remy as a supporting character could have done even more for the series on top of that. The gang was involved in a lot of weird shenanigans in the loft, so it would have been interesting to see how Remy would have reacted.

1 Ferguson as Winston’s pet


The show should never have stopped the story of Winston and his love for Ferguson. Ferguson wasn’t seen long before his tribute last season, and that was pretty disappointing. At one point, the pair were completely inseparable.

Ferguson was also an important part in Winston’s recovery from his heartbreak with Daisy, making him a very important figure in the series. His tragic end as a character was immensely sad and should never have happened. Ferguson deserved to be in Winston’s happy ending with Aly.

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