Cece was a character who became quite loved as N w girl progressed. At first, she wasn’t necessarily as popular as the loft roommates, but this would soon change as fans got to know her more. In fact, it would be apparent that Cece was not only very strong, but also a very compassionate and wonderful person to her friends. As a result of this, it was hard not to applaud her as she deserved it every step of the way.

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Cece was also someone who would go through a lot of difficult events. The severity of them would vary, sure, but the amount of anguish he went through cannot be ignored. Basically, she had to grow up at a young age because of what her childhood was like, and it didn’t get much easier as an adult. However, even with all of this being the case, he remained resilient and would flourish when it came to his character development because of it.

10 His father died of cancer

Schmidt and Cece on the beach

Cece’s father died when she was twelve. Although this happened when she was a child, it was clear that it had a long-term impact, as it is difficult for anyone to lose a parent.

She opens up to Schmidt about it on the beach during Nick’s cancer scare episode, which showed their connection had deepened. This was easily one of the hardest things I would face as a character, although fans didn’t see it happen.

9 Strained relationship with mother

Cece and her mom

His father’s death was also even more significant due to the fact that he had a strained relationship with his mother. Her mother was extremely difficult to please, which didn’t dovetail well with the fact that Cece valued her acceptance more than anything else.

Their relationship would become even more bitter throughout the series, as his mother was unhappy with the decisions she was making. The couple even got to a point where they weren’t even talking, so it was clear that this relationship was really damaged.

8 Dropped out of high school

Cece in Jess's bed

Cece dropping out of high school would end up hurting her immensely, even though there is nothing inherently wrong with deciding to choose a different path. The problem was that her decision to drop out and become a model made her aware of her intelligence as she matured.

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Cece wasn’t stupid, either. In fact, he possessed many qualities that showed that he was actually very intelligent. However, she continually felt self-conscious about not finishing, which made her task difficult.

7 Jess judged her modeling career

Jess and Cece modeling

Jess didn’t help when it came to Cece’s confidence in her career, as the former was quite critical at times. This was honestly quite disappointing to watch as Jess was normally accepting and understanding what others were doing.

The two ended up getting into a pretty big fight over this as well. This was a rare case where Jess was not being a good friend and Cece had done nothing wrong.

6 Hasty engagement with Shivrang

Cece and Shivrang got married

In an attempt to strengthen her relationship with her mother, Cece allowed her mother to put her in touch with an Indian. Her mother put a lot of pressure on the marriage and made it clear that she expected Cece to marry and marry a man she approved of.

This resulted in Cece rushing to get engaged to Shivrang, even though her feelings for him weren’t really there. It made perfect sense when the two of them mutually decided to stop their wedding, as they both had true feelings for other people.

5 I was fooled by Schmidt

Schmidt cheats on Cece and Elizabeth

When Cece finally felt happy and officially dated Schmidt, things quickly took a turn for the worse. This was due to the fact that Schmidt ended up dating her and Elizabeth at the same time.

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Schmidt finally recognized it and crushed Cece immensely. At this point, it was clear that Cece had a crush on Schmidt, so doing that was truly devastating. He even kept her away from the attic for a while.

4 Had to accept Schmidt and Fawn

Schmidt and Fawn

As time passed, Cece learned to forgive Schmidt and even had lingering feelings for him. When her love for him deepened again, it was very difficult for her, as Schmidt seemed to have moved on with her relationship with Fawn.

It also didn’t help that Fawn was clearly using Schmidt and had no real feelings for him. Yet even with all of this being the case, Cece continued to support Schmidt through this effort. Meanwhile, she was heartbroken.

3 I struggled to find a new career after quitting modeling

Cece as a bartender

As the series progressed, Cece decided that she felt dissatisfied as a model, so she looked to a new path. However, it was very difficult for her to find something that she was passionate about. He tried working at the bar, but he didn’t like it.

Although it was amazing to see her seek to improve her professional career, there was no denying that the path to her future was difficult. Fortunately, however, he ended up developing a career as a manager of male models.

two She and Winston chose a horrible wedding dress

Cece and Winston choose their wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is big business for a bride. While she was in the process of choosing hers, she and Winston ended up drinking a lot of wine, which would end up significantly altering her judgment.

As a result of their actions, the two would agree to buy one of the ugliest dresses possible. Once they were sober, they realized the seriousness of their mistake. Jess later found out that the dress looked stunning when it was inside out. However, the road to realizing that was extremely stressful for Cece.

1 His mother did not approve of Schmidt

Bollywood dance

Schmidt went to great lengths to get Cece’s mother’s approval. He had many things against him, since he was not an Indian. Even after performing a Bollywood dance at the wedding party for her to try to show her that he would respect and embrace Cece’s family culture, Cece’s mother rejected Schmidt and told Cece that she would not participate in the wedding.

Cece was crushed by this, as would anyone in her position. Given the fact that her mother’s approval was big business for her, seeing her reject Schmidt was very difficult. However, at the wedding, Cece’s mother took a big turn and accepted Schmidt due to his large number of phone calls asking him to come over.

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