Blizzard Director Jeff Kaplan reveals at this year’s Blizzcon that Overwatch 2 may have AI allies for PvE battles, which could mean AI teammates.

This year’s Blizzcon may have been a little different than the Blizzcon of years past, but it still brought a wealth of information on upcoming ones. Snow storm releases, including Overwatch 2 and a potential for AI teammates. This is great news, if true, for gamers who prefer to fly solo rather than in a group, an option not available in the original. Supervision.

Blizzard’s hit MOBA first hit PCs and consoles in 2016, and was met with near-universal critical acclaim. The accolade was raised heavily on Supervisionreplayability value, its ever-expanding and comparatively diverse cast of characters, and its accessibility to players of all skill levels, thanks to its ranking systems. But while the game’s developers intended for players to always participate in teams of other human players, that practice caused a number of problems that are more or less impossible to satisfactorily address. Players who couldn’t fill a six-person team with their own friends were put into games with complete strangers: strangers who could leave in the middle of a round, which put their team at a great disadvantage, or strangers who could be potentially toxic. . or offensive in the chat, which diminishes the experience of all involved.

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While Blizzard is working to address those issues, particularly with regards to chat toxicity, it doesn’t take away from the fact that a fairly sizable swath of the game’s fanbase would prefer to tackle the rounds alone, for a number of personal reasons. And although Blizzard never intended Supervision To be played in such a way, the will of the players is ultimately king, which may have prompted Blizzard’s possible decision to change its tone for Overwatch 2. Game director Jeff Kaplan certainly seemed to agree, during a behind-the-scenes interview at this year’s Blizzcon, with other key figures in the game. Supervision team. The sequel, according to Kaplan and reported by Rant game, will retain its cooperative heritage, but will include friendly AI units. These were intended to address the original first game issues with human players abandoning a mid-game battle by immediately complementing the team they left behind, but this could also indicate that would-be solo players may fill their team’s ranks. with AI allies instead of humans.

The use of AI as full-fledged teammates has not been confirmed by Blizzard, but neither has it been denied, and frankly, it would be a hugely positive addition to Overwatch 2. Taking Blizzard’s personal feelings on how Supervision is meant to be played out of the equation, it would make the game more accessible and more engaging for players who want to engage in PvE battles on their own, or are tired of being foul-mouthed or left at a disadvantage if a teammate decides to get up and bail. It also wouldn’t eliminate the option to compete with fully human teams, and could even decrease wait times with groups, as AI allies could occupy any open space rather than forcing players to wait for them to join the number. correct of free players. until.

Supervision He’s always prided himself on his diverse cast, but after more than four years, he needs to start diversifying his game too. While an update to the first game certainly wouldn’t be bad considering the long wait that still remains for the sequel, players may not be as interested in Overwatch 2 if it ends up looking and playing exactly like the original, handicaps and all.

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Source: Rant game

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