Overwatch’s nastiest maps, the Assault / 2CP maps, may be gone forever from the upcoming sequel’s Competitive mode, suggests director Jeff Kaplan.

Players who are tired of playing Assault / 2CP, or two rounds of capture points in Supervision you may be breathing a sigh of relief when Overwatch 2 Finally Released – The long-awaited sequel could be wiping out 2CP maps in Competitive mode for good. At this year’s Blizzcon, game director Jeff Kaplan made a light-hearted comment about the future of 2CP, or the lack of it in Overwatch 2. Of course, that doesn’t mean that 2CP is dead and buried; It will probably still appear in Arcade and Custom modes, but the competitive raid map race is probably completely over. Indicate the sigh of relief.

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Assault or 2CP maps are a bit more complex than escort missions or control maps, as the attacking team is tasked with capturing a first point in four minutes and then has an additional three minutes to capture a second point (for hence two capture points). But 2CP was not well received by competitive gamers, who often complained about being stuck in endless games or games that ended in a flash, although Blizzard took some steps to nerf certain maps and reconfigure others. There were originally three Assault maps; Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries, and Hanamura, with Paris and Horizon: Lunar Colony joining the ranks some time later. But the reaction of fans against the last two maps led to them being eliminated from the competitive rotation. It was the first sign that Blizzard was finally beginning to understand that there was no way for 2CP maps to work in Competitive mode, and that understanding could have carried over to Overwatch 2 ‘s production.

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At this year’s Blizzcon, which was formatted very differently from previous cons thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, developers and key figures at Blizzard had the opportunity to provide some real updates on their upcoming releases, including some advance news about Overwatch 2. While the sequel, admittedly, is still a long way off, the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, nonetheless had some juicy updates to go around, even if most of them were more allusions than verified facts. He discussed, among other potential features of the sequel, that the time has come to put 2CP to sleep, with the comment rather elusive, “We thought maybe 2CP doesn’t exist in Overwatch 2 and maybe there is a new game mode to replace it.” Check out Kaplan’s interview below, courtesy of PlayOverwatch Youtube channel.


The comment, and Kaplan’s delivery, is not exactly what one would call direct confirmation of the fact, but it is very likely that Blizzard intends not to go ahead with 2CP in Overwatch 2. First, it wouldn’t make sense to allude to that idea if Kaplan didn’t intend to comply, and second, Supervision and its fanbase has already thoroughly demonstrated that 2CP is impossible to successfully implement in Competitive mode with a high enough level of overall satisfaction. Also, no one buys a sequel in the hope that it will offer the exact same experience as the first, especially when the first one already has such a massive library of content and characters, and is already available to play.

What’s more exciting than watching the back-end of the Raid maps in Competitive forever is the “cool new game mode” Kaplan commented. He doesn’t talk about it for now, but he has promised more updates on Overwatch 2 now that Blizzcon is over. Hopefully one of those updates will be an actual release date, sooner rather than later, but more information on that new mode would be nice too.

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Source: PlayOverwatch

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