The Power Rangers have had some enduring lineups in their time, but the comics have featured some surprising and short-lived heroes.

Since the first season in 1993, new and mysterious additions to the Power Rangers have been part of the course, so much so that the Sixth Ranger has moved from exciting new territory to a deeply ingrained franchise trope.

While fans are hoping that the various Power Ranger teams will grow far beyond their primary colors, that doesn’t mean they are incapable of being surprised, and no one has done it better than Boom! Studies. Not everyone who has become a Power Ranger has left a particularly large impact on the team, but for those who did, it still remains to this day.

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Lord Drakkon

Lord Drakkon is probably the last person anyone would expect to become a Power Ranger, and if they didn’t believe he was part of the team, they would be mostly right. The alternate universe Tommy Oliver dominated the Power Rangers for a long time after traveling the multiverse in his quest to assassinate every other version of himself out there. Drakkon has committed some of the worst acts in Rangers history, and it took a reshaping of the universe itself to end his reign of terror. As evil as Drakkon is, he is also one of the few people alive with any practical knowledge of Dark Specter and the Empyreals, making him valuable enough that the Omega Rangers were willing to kidnap him from his own former teammates. Even if he’s not officially part of the team, Drakkon is still there alongside the Omegas as they search for answers, like it or not, and that’s close enough to put him on the list.

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Britt and Serge

When Kimberly left the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to pursue gymnastics full time, she traveled to Europe to train and compete. During the events of 2016 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Pink By Brendan Fletcher, Kelly Thompson, and Daniele di Nicuolo, he discovered that Goldar had taken a small town hostage. Still imbued with the power of the Sword of Light, Kimberly formed the New Power Rangers with the help of local brothers Britt and Serge acting as the Red and Blue Rangers respectively. They had both seen their people fall victim to Goldar’s plot, and they both welcomed the opportunity to fight with open arms.

Bulk and skull

Eugene Skullovitch and Farkas Bulkmeier have been the comic relief of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Since its debut, and while the comics have given them a bit more nuance than the original series, they haven’t changed much since their initial incarnation. However, they have had a chance to take on the role of Power Rangers for themselves, even if they don’t remember it. When one of Rita Repulsa’s monsters managed to devour Mighty Morphin’s team, Zordon temporarily replaced Bulk and Skull through two “extremely rare” Power Coins. Their time as the Purple and Orange Rangers may not have lasted long, but it was a brilliant moment of fan-service that will never be forgotten.

1969 Rangers

In 1969, the dreaded Psycho Green was awakened from hibernation on the moon by a manned lunar lander. The threat from the former Supersonic Ranger was too great to ignore, and as such, Zordon asked five young adults to act as the first iteration of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The team, led by Grace Sterling as the Red Ranger, traveled to the moon to deal with Psycho Green with high hopes. Unfortunately, they were not very prepared for what would come next, and three of them lost their lives in the battle. Grace and Terona Washington, the team’s Yellow Ranger, returned to Earth with nothing but contempt for Zordon, who stripped them of their powers now that the world was safe again.

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After the universe was remade to save it from the influence of Lord Drakkon, the alien Kiya was imbued with electricity-based powers which, sadly, resulted in the death of her family. Kiya was driven out of her village and eventually found herself between Jason, Zack, and Trini as the Omega Ranger. She was easily the strongest of the team, not to mention the fiercest fighter, but when her past traumas caught up with her, Kiya quickly became her most dangerous enemy. After killing the Blue Emissary, Kiya attempted to take down the Power Rangers entirely, operating under the delusional belief that they were only grooming the next Drakkon to take control of the universe.

Matthew cook

Matthew Cook was one of the Rangers’ best friends at school, even if he wasn’t on the team himself. In fact, Matthew didn’t even realize that his friends were the Power Rangers for quite some time, even when he was dating Kimberly. After being kidnapped and tortured by Rita Repulsa, Matt put the pieces together and confronted his friends about what had happened. When they couldn’t be honest with him about their alter-egos, Matthew turned his back on the group. They were all able to reconcile eventually, but things never went back to the way they were before. However, it seems like all of that is changing in a way the Rangers never expected, as Matthew has just revealed himself as the mysterious and powerful Green Ranger who has been helping the team for months, and all under the tutelage of none other than Grace. Sterling.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

From 2019 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ryan Parrott, Simone di Meo and Alessio Zonno gave fans one of the most spectacular teams of all time. When Tommy disappears in New York City, the others go to rescue him, only to find that his teammate has infiltrated the Foot Clan. When the Shredder takes possession of the Green Ranger’s power and takes away the Rangers’ ability to transform, their Power Coins are entrusted to the Ninja Turtles and April O’Neil, and the two teams set out to save the day.

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