Like other teen dramas, pretty Little Liars features many couples sleeping together at various points in the series. Sometimes these types of programs feel the need to include a lesson when a relationship finally becomes intimate, as in dawson’s stream when Joey and Pacey had sex and then she had a pregnancy scare. Other times, everything is much better.

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Rosewood might have been a strange and scary place to live, but the main characters of pretty Little Liars met his soul mates there and had some romantic moments. Other times, the teen drama was very negative about sex.

10 Positive sex: Hanna and Caleb had a strong connection and had sex

pll caleb hanna smile

Hanna was known for a few things in pretty Little LiarsFrom her cute outfits to her relatable dates to her long-term romance with Caleb.

PLL was sex positive when this couple slept in the first season. They went camping and while in her tent, they had sex for the first time and Hanna lost her virginity. The characters had a strong connection and it felt like the natural next step. They hadn’t been dating for long at the time, but they were comfortable with each other and it made sense.

9 No: Ashley had sex with Wilden to help Hanna

pll wild hanna

After she was caught robbing a store, her mother tried to help her by sleeping with Detective Wilden.

This was a time when PLL it was negative about sex, as Ashley was seducing someone into manipulating him. This wasn’t a bright spot in the mother-daughter life, that’s for sure, and Hanna found the whole situation creepy and uncomfortable. She didn’t love going to the kitchen in the morning and finding Wilden there. There was probably another way Ashley could have gotten her daughter out of this bind.

8 Positive sex: Caleb and Spencer had a great relationship

Viewers would never have predicted Caleb and Spencer’s relationship, but it was a happy surprise. The characters got to know each other better when they were in DC and it was nice to see them outside of Rosewood. It seemed natural for them to bond as they were far from home and didn’t know many other people. Caleb and Spencer were so good together.

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Caleb and Spencer had sex several times and it was a super positive situation, as they had a great relationship. It was a bit tense as they were worried about what Hanna would think, but even that conversation was better than they anticipated as Hanna agreed with that.

7 No: Byron cheated on Ella

Instead of showing Aria’s parents in a loving and lasting relationship, PLL Byron had cheated on Ella with the much younger Meredith. Aria and Ali were walking around, minding their own business, when they saw them kissing in a car, and it was definitely shocking.

This was an important story in the first season, and it gave “A” something to torment Aria with, as it was a big secret. But it was something Byron was ashamed of and it ripped the whole family apart, so he wasn’t exactly painting sex in a positive light.

6 Positive sex: Toby and Spencer’s first time drama-free

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In the third season episode “The Lady Killer”, Toby and Spencer had sex for the first time, and it was what many people expected this experience to be for them. It was a sweet moment and because they knew each other so well by then they were totally comfortable and there was no discomfort.

While some teen shows approach sex with a lot of drama, PLL He let his main partners enjoy intimate scenes without too much fanfare.

5 No: Ezra and Aria slept together while she was still in high school

It’s pretty clear that when Aria and Ezra met at a bar in the first episode, they had sex and then slept together in the season two episode “If These Dolls Could Talk.” They continued to have an intimate relationship for a long time.

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Aria always loved Ezra despite their age difference, but it was definitely creepy watching them have sex when she was still a high school student. This is a part of the show that is hard to ignore as they are one of the most talked about couples and are together for a long time. If the show was more sex positive, then perhaps the characters would have waited a bit until Aria was older. Fans also learned that since Ezra was writing a book about Ali, he was aware of Aria, which meant he knew about her age.

4 Positive sex: Hanna and Jordan had a healthy sex life

In the season 6 episode “Where Someone Waits for Me”, Hanna and Jordan had sex while staying in a very red motel room that had Cupids all over it. He said he was looking for a romantic place where they could be together and joked that it seemed “tacky” too.

Hanna and Jordan seemed to have a healthy sex life while engaged, as there was never any drama in that part of their relationship. Of course, things got tense outside the room because she was still in love with Caleb.

3 No: Jenna forced Toby to sleep with her

pll toby jenna

When the liars got to know Toby, they found out that his stepsister, Jenna, forced him to have sex with her. They were already feeling bad for “The Jenna Thing” when Ali made a joke that resulted in Jenna losing her sight, and this added another layer to the strange dynamic.

This was definitely dark and unsettling, and the girls realized that Toby had a hard time growing up. This was not a time where the show was sex positive as it was about abuse and not something that anyone should have to deal with.

two Positive sex: Emily and Ali had a super romantic sex scene

Please Emily mad at Ali

In season seven, Ali and Emily had a picnic and then slept together. It was super romantic and also sweet to see them finally together after knowing each other for so many years.

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PLL He was always focused on Emily’s love life as she had serious relationships with Paige and then Ali, and it was nice to see these two characters connect once again. While this could have been a more romantic scene on TV than in real life, as it involved being in the woods, it was still a great moment.

1 No: older guys dated liars when they were minors

Ian was a very creepy character in PLL how she dated Ali when she was very young. He also kissed Spencer when she was several years younger than him.

The main characters sometimes dated older guys, especially Ali, who also had an affair with Ezra before Aria met him. It’s unclear if Ali and Ian had sex, but it seems like they were together in some way, and it’s quite disturbing to think about this since there was such a huge age difference. There’s nothing wrong with age differences when all parties were adults, but for much of the series, the Liars were underage.

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