Tiffany Moon, who is the newest housewife at The Real Housewives of Dallas, has revealed that she may not return to the franchise in a sophomore season.

Tiffany Moon, who is the newest housewife in The real dallas housewives, has revealed that he may not return to the franchise in a sophomore season. Fans have responded well to the rookie and she likes that she is smart and fun. However, she confesses that she missed her family during filming.

Bravo viewers have started to really get to know Tiffany as she talks about her life on camera. He was born in China and moved to the United States when he was only six years old, not knowing the language. Through hard work and pushy parents, she made her way to an Ivy League school and, to her parents’ delight, became a doctor. Fans have seen Tiffany navigate the difficult waters of being a full-time mother and doctor during the pandemic, and she seemed to be at her breaking point after realizing she wanted to spend more time with her daughters.

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36-year-old anesthesiologist It can “save your life but not your reputation”, And thanks to her motto, fans know very well that she is not here to play. Tiffany spoke to StyleCaster on his encounter with Kameron Westcott and Chicken feet gate saying: “She is acting like my six year old daughter.” Tiffany dropped a bombshell on readers, telling the outlet that she might not want to reprise her role for another season, saying she feels like it can be a one-hit wonder. She also did not like being away from her family so much since her twins are smaller saying: “But this time, I was at work, and when I wasn’t working, I was working, so I didn’t see my family for a long time over the summer.”

RHOD Tiffany Moon and her husband Daniel

He gave viewers hope when he told the outlet to ask him again how he felt when filming ended. While she argues that she may not be the kind of housewife viewers want to see, the newbie is perfect for the role and also raises awareness of a new culture.

The mother-of-two revealed to the outlet that she was delighted (pun intended) that Kameron came to her dim-sum lunch as she is the queen of Dallas society. But after watching the episode, she was upset by how mini Barbie acted with her culture, saying: “She’s the queen of pink and a socialite from Dallas, and how funny would it be if she put a little phalanx in her mouth? Certainly, she’s had worse things in her mouth.” Fans hope the two of them can hug him and move on, but a war of words has broken out on social media, so it may not happen.

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