Considering the tragedy of Scarlet Witch’s relationship with Vision, her love affair with a Marvel villain had surprisingly better results.

It is no secret that Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, can be a danger to herself and others when it comes to her unbridled powers to alter reality. Avengers: disassembled was the first story to explore this notion, revealing that Wanda’s loss of the two children she conjured in reality resulted in a mental breakdown that caused her to lose control of her powers and destroy the Avengers. Given that the exact point of this destruction can be traced directly back to Wanda and Vision’s initial romance, it’s safe to say that the love of the witch and the android was ultimately a tragedy of epic proportions.

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Most shocking of all, it was Doctor Doom’s love and support that led Wanda down the path of redemption after her transgression against the Avengers. Avengers: the children’s crusade by Alan Heinberg and Jim Cheung takes place sometime after the events of House of M, in which the Scarlet Witch, in an emotional outburst, used her great magic to take power away from most mutants around the world. At this point, the Scarlet Witch was nowhere to be found, but both the X-Men and the Avengers awaited her return, hoping that one day she would show up to answer for their crimes.

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The Children’s Crusade sees Billy / Wiccan, the reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch, trying to track down his mother and get to the bottom of the events leading up to her collapse. Accompanied by his brother Tommy / Speed ​​and the rest of the Young Avengers, Billy soon discovers that he and Tommy’s mother live in Latveria, where he is happily engaged to Doctor Doom. It turned out that Wanda’s memories were erased as a defense mechanism after the events of House of M. Doom had found a bewildered Wanda and brought her to live with him, where the two eventually fell in love.

At this point, any Marvel fan knows that Doom has a long history of deception and therefore must be manipulating Wanda to some degree, a conclusion the Young Avengers immediately reach as well. However, by regaining her memory, Wanda explains what really happened behind the scenes that caused her to lose control. Wanda had come to Doom after initially losing her children. They combined their magical energies to summon the Life Force, the only power that was capable of resurrecting their children. Sadly, the power was too much to contain and she possessed Wanda, increasing her powers and leading to the tragic events of Avengers: disassembled Y House of M.

However, the question of Doctor Doom’s honesty makes these events moot. By the climax of The Children’s Crusade, the events lead Doom to inherit Wanda’s Life Force before quickly losing it due to his inability to wield its immense power. The Life Force imbued Doom with the power of God, even clearing his deformed face. And when he lost control of the Life Force, Doom was back to normal, scars and all. In a helpless rage to prove he is unworthy of the Life Force, Doom renounces his love for Wanda, hinting that it was all a sham and that he was the master puppeteer behind Wanda’s breakup. Unmounted to House of M. The Avengers and X-Men debate whether Doom’s claims are true or not, some believe him and some don’t, but a definitive conclusion is never reached.

Regardless of whether Doom was telling the truth about brainwashing Wanda into doing his orders all along, the fact remains that the apparent “love” between the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom was a powerful force preventing reality. broke. If the Avengers or X-Men had found Wanda before Doom, their aggression could have unleashed the Life Force within Wanda and shattered all of reality. Just as well, it seems likely that Doom’s love for Wanda, initially at least, was genuine. Given that he hides his shattered face behind an emotionless iron mask and would rather die than admit that he is not the most superior person on the face of the earth, it makes sense that Doom would rather concoct a story that projects his control rather than admit . your faults and I embrace love. Whatever the case, the Scarlet Witch He’s probably much better off without the baggage of a long-term relationship with Doctor Doom anyway.

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