While Seinfeld It was goofy most of the time, the 90s sitcom was groundbreaking and inspired many people. The dynamic between Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer is always wonderful to revisit, and fans can always find new things to love about bad dates, awkward parties, and the terrible luck that follows the characters.

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There are many memorable scenes that feature the characters acting in a crazy way, from Elaine’s dance moves to all of Kramer’s ideas. But while Seinfeld it featured adults who acted as if they were still children, there were some episodes that focused on serious and deep issues.

10 The decision to have children (or not)

elaine benes in seinfeld

Elaine is one of the funniest characters in sitcom, breaking up with people for strange reasons and taking offense at the little things. But while his scenes were often pure comedy, he could also be serious.

In the season 8 episode “Soulmate”, Elaine said she didn’t want to have children. This was a time when Seinfeld addressed a deep problem, as this was not a topic that was often talked about in sitcoms. Elaine said her mom friends “act like having a baby requires some kind of talent.” She started dating Kevin, who made her wonder if she wanted to be a mother or not, since he had had a vasectomy. This is something everyone has to make up their minds about, so it was very easy to identify.

9 Family conflict and difficult relationships

The season 2 episode “The Jacket” might focus on Jerry’s expensive coat that got ruined in the snow, but it was also about family.

Elaine didn’t get along with her father, so when she met him one night, she asked George and Jerry to join her. While Seinfeld It didn’t focus on the characters talking about their hurt feelings or trying to reconcile, this story at least hinted at something more serious. Elaine was an independent person, but she couldn’t help but get nervous when she had to see her father.

8 Plagiarism

Jerry always found a random reason to end a relationship, but in the case of his affair with Nina, he was upset with her for a legitimate reason.

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In the season 3 episode “The Letter”, Jerry’s girlfriend, Nina, wrote him a letter that he thought was romantic. Unfortunately, then he realized that she had copied the words of Chapter Two, the Neil Simon movie. While Seinfeld Often focused on the funny aspects of the gang’s love life, this was a much more serious story, as Nina could really get into trouble if she kept plagiarizing.

7 Trade money and know its value

Talking about money is never fun, and negotiating can be tricky. People want to be confident and know their worth, but they also have to earn a living. George found out the hard way in the season 4 episode “The Wallet” that asking NBC for more money could cost them the entire deal.

This is an episode that fans will always relate to, as most people get very nervous when they talk to their boss about a possible raise or ask about the salary of a job they hope to get.

6 A child facing a serious illness

In the season 4 episode “The Bubble Boy”, George, Jerry, Elaine and Susan visited a boy named Donald who had to live in a bubble. He was very sick, so no one could come into contact with him, as he couldn’t be around germs.

While this was supposed to be fun, it was definitely heartbreaking as no child should have to live like this. Seinfeld It might be silly, but this was an episode that addressed a deep problem. Of course, since George was George, he created some conflict and the whole situation turned into a mess as he and Donald fought.

5 Sex life of a couple

jerry elaine seinfled

Elaine and Jerry remained friends after dating and not everyone can do that. The fact that these characters used to date brought up a serious issue: the problems in the sexual life of a couple.

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In the season 5 opener “The Mango”, Jerry discovered that Elaine only pretended to have orgasms when they were in a relationship. This was shocking information to him, and it made him wonder why he couldn’t say it and if other women were faking it too. Jerry had assumed that everything was fine in that department, but Elaine made him realize that he might not have been paying attention and that he needed to communicate more with the person he was dating.

4 Religion

In the fifth season episode “The Conversion”, George was dating a woman named Sascha and her religion was very important to her and her family.

He wanted to convert to Latvian Orthodoxy so that they could be together, and this made him think about the place of religion in his life. While this was a fun episode and George always approached situations with a sense of humor (whether he wanted to or not), religion is definitely a deep topic.

3 The question of marriage and settlement

Susan and George - Underrated Seinfeld Episodes

In the premiere of the seventh season, “The Engagement,” Jerry and George wondered if they should get married. This prompted George to ask Susan to marry him, and the character died before their wedding day.

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Jerry told Kramer that he and George were “kids”, Kramer hilariously explained why he thought marriage was a bad idea. Although this episode was meant to be humorous, it also raised a serious question: Did the characters really want to explore marriage and settle down, or were they comfortable keeping things the way they were?

two The death of a partner

Susan Ross in Seinfeld

While most fans of the show disliked Susan, it was definitely big enough that George’s fiancee died. No one would have thought that would happen, even if she wasn’t popular.

The death of a partner is one of the hardest things anyone can go through, and while George did not behave very well after Susan’s passing, this was still a time when Seinfeld addressed a serious and profound subject for several episodes.

1 Cancer

In the sixth season episode “The Scofflaw,” George and Jerry’s friend Gary lied about having cancer.

But even though he never actually had it, this was a story that allowed Seinfeld to talk about a serious illness. It was definitely a departure from the other episodes that focused on Elaine ordering flounder at a restaurant across town or George getting into a job that he wasn’t sure he was hired for.

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