Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes’ movements are full of Guy Ritchie’s visual flair, but director Dexter Fletcher could bring magic to the third film.

A decade has passed since Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes film, A game of shadows, hit theaters, but now that the actor is free from his Marvel commitments, he will finally reprise his role as the iconic Victorian-era detective in a third film. Guy Ritchie, the director of the first two films, has been replaced without notice by RocketmanDexter Fletcher.

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While Warner Bros. should have arguably brought Ritchie back to continue its own series of mysteries on the big screen, Fletcher is a promising choice. You will surely do a great job with the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and RocketmanThe best moments prove it.

10 Fletcher is promising: Rocketman was visually stunning

Rocketman troubadour scene

With its combination of real life events and jaw-dropping fantasy sequences, Rocketman it is possibly the most visually stunning musical biopic ever made. The scene with Elton John’s first performance at the Troubadour, stepping away from the piano while playing “Crocodile Rock” to a crazed audience, is staggering.

Fletcher can take this same mastery of spectacular visual effects to third Sherlock Holmes movie, this time with more action and fewer record label meetings.

9 Ritchie should have returned: defined the visual style of the franchise

Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr.’s characteristic gloomy aesthetic Sherlock Holmes Films were defined by Guy Ritchie’s directing work on the first two films.

Anyone chosen to replace him with the third, even a visionary like Fletcher, is actually being hired to emulate Ritchie’s style, and no one will be able to replicate that style better than Ritchie himself.

8 Fletcher is promising: he already rescued another director’s vision

When disgraced director Bryan Singer retired from Bohemian Rhapsody, Dexter Fletcher was chosen to finish the film. Editing is certainly inconsistent, as with any film that changes hands between directors, but Fletcher did as good a job as anyone could have hoped for.

He succeeded in unifying Singer’s incomplete vision and his own vision of the Freddie Mercury story. He can do the same with Ritchie’s established vision of Sherlock Holmes and match it with your own take.

7 Ritchie should have come back: Downey and Law have an established relationship with him

In its first two Sherlock Holmes In the movies, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law shared brilliant on-screen chemistry in the roles of Holmes and Watson, and their friend dynamics were defined by the directorial hand of Guy Ritchie.

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Downey and Law developed a strong relationship with Ritchie during the making of those two films. They will no doubt forge an equally strong working relationship with Fletcher, but they already have one with Ritchie.

6 Fletcher is promising: his films tend to focus on the character


The most important element of a Sherlock Holmes the movie is not the mystery, although that is of course very significant, it is the dynamic that Holmes and Watson share. Dexter Fletcher’s directorial credits have proven his ability to tell character-based stories.

Of the paroled in the heart of Wild bill to the themes of biopics Eddie the eagle Y Rocketman, Fletcher has done a ton of in-depth character studies.

5 Ritchie should have come back – he brought a lot of humor to previous films

Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes

Ritchie’s films have always been marked by a good dose of humor. Item locked Y Snatch They are primarily crime movies, but they are so hilarious that they are often among the best British comedies ever made.

In the last two Sherlock Holmes movies, there were a lot of jokes to break the tension of the mystery plots. Downey and Law’s dry delivery fits perfectly with the rest of the comedy in Ritchie’s play.

4 Fletcher is promising: many of his films are about double acts

Holmes and Watson are one of the most iconic double acts in all of literature, and getting their friendship right is key to making a Sherlock Holmes film work.

Many of Dexter Fletcher’s films have revolved around memorable stuntmen, such as Eddie the Eagle and Bronson Peary or Elton John and Bernie Taupin, so Holmes and Watson are in good hands.

3 Ritchie should have returned: his action scenes are spectacular

The chase sequence in Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

While Dexter Fletcher has proven to be a capable filmmaker, he hasn’t directed much action, so it’s unclear whether the action in Sherlock Holmes 3 may be at the height of the two previous quotas.

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With visceral cinematography, motion clarity, and well-placed slow-motion moments, Ritchie’s action scenes in the first two Sherlock Holmes all the movies were amazing.

two Fletcher is promising: he has worked with Ritchie

Dexter Fletcher on padlock, stock and two smoking barrels

It may not be possible to replace Ritchie in the director’s chair of the Sherlock Holmes franchise, but Fletcher has a better idea than most of how Ritchie directs because he’s worked with him before as an actor.

More than a decade before making his directorial debut, Fletcher appeared alongside Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones in Ritchie’s own directorial debut. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

1 Ritchie should have returned: he left stories unsolved in a shadow play

The final scene of Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

While the third Sherlock Holmes the movie was delayed for years, A game of shadows ended with a couple of tantalizing cliffhangers. The most obvious is that Holmes was supposedly killed and revealed that he had survived the fall, unbeknownst to Watson.

By the time Ritchie was doing A game of shadows, surely he would have had an idea of ​​how these stories would end in future movies. If another filmmaker takes his place, audiences could end up with retcons and inconsistencies.

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