Rachael and her controversies are going to their hometowns next week and fans aren’t holding back their sideways glances at the memes roasting the awkward reunion.

Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell hasn’t had an easy time being in The Bachelor this season as the Bachelor Nation responded harshly to photos of Rachael at a southern dance. Despite her off-screen controversy, Rachael’s connection to Bachelor Matt James is growing on the show. So when it was revealed this week that Rachael is going to her hometowns, fans had a lot to say … and meme.

There were rumors early in the season that Rachael was an off-screen “Bad Girl”, but the controversy really started when photos showing Rachael at an “Old South” themed dance resurfaced that viewers (rightly) they considered races extraordinarily insensitive. Rachael has received significant backlash from the photos, and now that she’s introducing Matt to her family, the disdain for Rachael is spreading to her family. It didn’t take long for Bachelor Nation fans to come up with fun, and sometimes wild, scenarios for what the awkward family reunion will look like.

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The movie Salt It was mentioned by several fans, and for good reason. The film centers on a young black man who meets his white girlfriend’s family for the first time, unaware of their sinister intentions. Fans thought it was the perfect comparison for Matt, who may not know what he’s getting into.

In the film, a brainwashed Black character is awakened from his trance by a camera flash, referred to by a fan. This fan jokingly theorizes that Matt will be similarly brainwashed and will need to be saved from Rachael and her family.

Rachael has apologized for her racist behavior, but the Bachelor Nation is not ready to forget about her “Old South” dance photos. In one meme, a fan compares Rachael to the character Scarlett O’Hara from the movie. gone With the Wind. The classic film has come under fire for its rosy depiction of slavery during the Civil War era, and fans see clear parallels between Rachael and the haughty and casually racist Scarlett.

Some fans took more direct photos of Rachael’s family, with one offering a photo montage depicting how he sees Rachael’s family home. The photos juxtapose a basic girlish decor with a decorative Confederate flag, implying that Rachael’s family will be just as racially insensitive as she is.

There were some Bachelor Nation fans who refused to punch when it comes to making excuses for Rachael’s behavior. One fan directly compared Rachael’s family to a group of fully decked out Ku Klux Klan members. This point of view could be considered extreme, but it shows the level of outrage fans feel for years that BIPOC contestants have been left with the shorter end of the stick.

Memes are fun, but there have been very real repercussions on Rachael’s actions. Although she is still in The BachelorChris Harrison is leaving as host of the franchise, but has not officially resigned or been fired. Regardless of how accurate the memes are, viewers will come across a very interesting episode about hometown next week.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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