Peter Parker / Spider-Man would not have become known as one of Marvel’s greatest heroes if it weren’t for the guiding influence of his beloved Aunt May, who helped raise him alongside his Uncle Ben following the tragic death of his parents. and he has continued to be a positive and stable role model in his life, despite some brushes with death over the years.

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Given her close relationship with Peter Parker, Aunt May has made almost the same number of appearances outside of the comics in animated and live-action adaptations that have featured a few different takes of the character that have captured the wholesome and lovable woman behind. Spider. -Man in various forms, which we will see more closely today.

eleven The Amazing Spider-Man (1977-1979)

AUNT APPEARANCES - The Amazing Spider-Man on CBS

The first live-action depiction of Spider-Man and his related characters aired as a television movie on CBS called The amazing Spider Man in 1977, leading to an ongoing series that was canceled after two seasons despite high ratings.

The amazing Spider Man It is well known to fans due to its lack of actual supervillain characters in the comics, although Aunt May appeared in the TV movie (played by Jeff Donnell) and once again on the TV series (played by Irene Tedrow). Although there was not much exploration of the character of the series.

10 Spider-Man (1967-1970)


A rather comical version of Aunt May (voiced by Peg Dixon) appeared on Spiderman when he debuted in 1967, though he only had a couple of appearances that primarily explored his relationship with Peter Parker, although he did appear briefly alongside Uncle Ben in flashbacks of Spider-Man’s origin.

Aunt May was depicted as a strong and domineering woman when caring for her nephew, though she also frequently required her help in the series due to her age, which was much older in the original comics and adaptations.

9 Aunt May in the eighties (1981-1983)


Aunt May made a few appearances in the eighties when her nephew starred in not one but two loosely related series that debuted in 1981, called Spiderman Y Spider-Man and his amazing friends. While the visual designs of the characters were similar, they were slightly different in their characterizations and featured different voice actors in each series.

Morgan Lofting voiced Aunt May in Spiderman, while June Foray expressed it in Spider-Man and his amazing friends, which featured the character much more like the titular Spider-Friends (and their dog Ms. Lion) resided at his house.

8 Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017)

AUNT APPEARANCES - Ultimate Spider-Man

Disney XD’s The last Spiderman introduced a younger version of the character than previously seen in the animation who did not adore her young nephew as much as she was busy with her own hobbies and activities, freeing Spider-Man for his SHIELD training which turned into the focus of the first seasons of the series.

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Aunt May too (voiced by Misty Lee) became a surrogate mother for the heroic Spider-Man team after revealing that she knew their secret, and even briefly dated MCU agent Phil Coulson, who was assigned to monitor. to Spider-Man as The last SpidermanHigh school principal.

7 Marvel’s Spider-Man (2017-present)

AUNT APPEARANCES - Marvel's Spider-Man

Another youthful version of Aunt May was introduced in the most recent Marvel Spider-Man, although this version was a bit toned down compared to the overrated Latest Aunt May and found a better balance between the fragile, preoccupied early versions and the modern, laid-back May Parker.

Aunt May (voiced by Nancy Linari) didn’t appear in the series as much as previous adaptations, as this Peter Parker was a bit more self-reliant than fans had seen before, though he was always around for timely advice and the support I so badly needed. .

6 Marvel Cinematic Universe (2017-2019)

The younger version of Aunt May appeared in the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe hit Spider-Man: Homecoming, which rebooted the live-action franchise with a new cast that included Marisa Tomei as Tom Holland’s young Peter Parker Aunt May.

The relationship depicted between Peter and May is one of the strongest in any adaptation, shown more in 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home after the discovery of Spider-Man’s secret identity results in his full support. This version of the character was also further integrated into the MCU thanks to a romantic relationship with Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau).

5 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998)

One of the best older versions of the character appeared during the 90s in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which slightly modernized the character to accommodate the series’ updated designs, while retaining much of the classic comic book characterizations. Linda Gary voiced Aunt May for the first three seasons, though after her passing, Julie Bennett took on the role.

This version of Aunt May, like her comic counterpart, feared Spider-Man, which prevented Peter from telling her his secret. Aunt May played a huge role in bringing Peter and Mary Jane together and interacted with various villains over the course of the series.

4 The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)

AUNT APPEARANCES - Spectacular Spider-Man

KidsWB’s The spectacular spider man debuted in 2008 and ran for two seasons that faithfully explored modernized adaptations of classic comic characters and stories, which of course included Aunt May (voiced by Deborah Strang).

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While Aunt May was given a modern update like the rest of the characters in the series, she still faithfully dealt with the money and health issues that played a huge role in Peter Parker’s development as Spider-Man in the series that only deepened their connection, though she never found out her secret identity in this adaptation.

3 The Amazing Spider-Man franchise (2012-2014)

Sally Field joined the cast of Marc Webb’s reboot in 2012 The amazing Spider Man as Aunt May, who was considered a younger version of the character at the time relative to earlier film versions. The amazing Spider Man explored Aunt May’s drive to help Peter after the death of her husband Ben and highlighted her struggles as now a single mother.

In the film, she was further challenged by Peter’s search for information about his deceased parents. Field reprized the role in 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where it was implied that he was beginning to suspect his nephew’s secret, although the cancellation of the franchise left that thread unexplored.

two Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2019)

AUNT APPEARANCES - Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse

2019 saw the release of the Oscar winner Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Animated film that featured Miles Morales’ big screen debut as Spider-Man alongside some alternate reality Spider-Men (and women) after Peter Parker’s death. Lily Timlin voiced the late Peter Parker’s Aunt May, whom Miles and company turned to for help.

Not only did Aunt May provide Miles with his new Spider-Man gear, she also served as the unifying heart of the multiversal team, all while mourning her own lost Spider-Man. Fans are definitely looking forward to seeing more of one of Aunt May’s best adaptations in the upcoming sequel.

1 The Raimi Trilogy (2002-2007)

Sam Raimi directed the hit movie Spiderman which launched in 2002 and launched the successful franchise with Spider man 2 in 2002 and Spider man 3 in 2007 that is scheduled to see a comeback on the next multiversal Spider man 3 set in the MCU. Rosemary Harris played a faithful version of Aunt May in all three films that have become a fan-favorite version of the character.

Not only did Aunt May give Doctor Octopus some sense, but she also dealt with the revelation of her responsibility in Uncle Ben’s death, which had not been explored in previous adaptations, which only highlighted the talents of Rosemary Harris. with a series of powerful emotional scenes that underpin the action of the superhero.

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