Order 66 was one of the most sinister and brutally efficient atrocities ever committed in the Star Wars universe. Once the clones aimed their blasters at their Jedi allies, they were almost completely extinguished overnight with surprising speed.

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However, the failure of the Jedi masters does not mean that other characters may have faced an equally grim fate. Analyzing those of the Avatar universe that could survive Palpatine’s edict (and those that wouldn’t), we can properly assess how inescapable one of the most horrific crimes in the galaxy actually was.

10 Die – Jet’s practical skills wouldn’t protect him

Jet has a number of advantages to achieve its survival. He’s excellent at keeping a low profile, adept at living off the land and setting traps for his pursuers, and was even decent at spotting fraud (as he was the only person who discovered Zuko’s identity).

However, the practical skills he has mastered would not protect him from the initial clone assault. With decent, if unsatisfying reflexes, and no formal training, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the clone squad assigned to kill him. This is especially true due to its rudimentary weapons.

9 Survive: Bumi is one of the most competent Earthbenders of all time

10 King Bumi from Avatar

Bumi was one of the most competent earthbenders in history and was capable of summoning gigantic amounts of stone at any time. A single stomp can cause tremors or summon massive rocks, disrupting the clones’ ability to damage it.

Furthermore, he was agile enough to descend from a gigantic building with ease and possessed profound alacrity despite his enormous size and old age. Both would provide resources that would allow him to escape his pursuers, if he didn’t simply crush them. Although his deranged mental state may not guarantee longevity, the power at his fingertips would ensure that he survived the initial assault.

8 Die: Tenzin is not the best to run away

Legend of Korra: Tenzin

Tenzin was the leader of the Air Nomads and Aang’s direct student. He was experienced enough to compete with Zaheer, only to be defeated by the Red Lotus’ combined efforts.

Unlike his father, he cannot explicitly fly without his uniform; instead, he can jump great distances in a single jump. However, this would not make him less of a target for his pursuers, and his Sky Bison cannot escape mechanical vehicles. This was demonstrated through his failed attempt to flee from Amon.

7 Survive: Yakone could overpower the enemy with minimal effort

Yakone could overpower the clone troopers with minimal effort. During his trial, he managed to double the blood of an entire courtroom, including such strong characters as Toph and even Aang himself.

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A hardened mob boss, Yakone was a natural survivor. After fleeing Republic City, he assumed a new identity and so compelling that no one from his previous life could identify him. He spent the rest of his years uneventfully in the Southern Water Tribe, proving that he could avoid future confrontations against the Empire with similar expediency.

6 Dies: combustion man suffers from low mobility

2 avatar combustion man

Combustion Man was a silent and taciturn mercenary that Zuko had commissioned to assassinate Aang. He was tenacious, skilled, and deadly, with his third eye capable of erasing the stone like cardboard.

However, he faces a number of weaknesses that would invariably lead to him being defeated by the clones. Not only does he suffer from comparatively low mobility and have no means of escaping fire from his blasters, he can only focus his devastating attacks from a single direction. If surrounded (as the Jedi were before their extermination), the bounty hunter could only defeat a few soldiers before succumbing to their wounds.

5 Survive: Zaheer can fly

Zaheer the Legend of Korra

After the death of his beloved, Zaheer was not only able to fly, but was also able to do extremely well. He was strong enough to overpower Tenzin and even outlive Korra in her avatar state before she succumbed to the poison in her body, launching herself through the sky with skill and grace.

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With a single attack, it would launch the assassin soldiers in all directions before flying. Given his amazing abilities, he would be out of reach of the clones when they had recovered.

4 Die: Suyin hasn’t fought in years

Suyin was Toph’s daughter and an experienced metals teacher. She was also adept at manipulating the earth and adapting to her environment to defeat her adversaries (as demonstrated through her battle against Kuvira during her escape from their clutches).

However, she has not actively fought in many years and her attacks cannot encompass the enemies that have surrounded her. Furthermore, if Suyin was able to win an outnumbered battle, she would have been able to escape once surrounded by the Earth Empire after falling into a trap.

3 Survive: Katara could use her powers to gain an advantage

Katara would survive her brush with the clone troopers, but not for the reason that Yakone could. The projectiles that blasters fire are called plasmoids – concentrated plasma that is deadly to the touch.

However, plasma is ninety-two percent water. Having been educated by a White Lotus master and possessing the reflexes necessary to confront and defeat Azula, Katara would freeze the area around her, fleeing to a more favorable position. After she was inevitably pursued with blaster shots, she was able to stop the projectiles that were aimed at her through clever use of her flex.

two Die: the enemy would take advantage of Zhu Li’s weaknesses


In the right circumstances, Zhu Li cannot be doomed against clones. She was a brilliant pilot when placed inside a mecha suit, capable of defeating dozens of Kuvira’s armored soldiers and only failing due to Varrick’s incompetence.

However, his defenses have a palpable weakness through the glass cockpit, a vulnerability that was exploited during the defeat of Hiroshi Sato. Additionally, the clones themselves are familiar with fighting and overcoming mechanical opponents, having recently concluded a long and arduous campaign against the Separatists and their droid armies. A rocket launcher would accelerate your adventure to destroy it.

1 Survive: Aye-Aye’s spirit would suspect betrayal ahead of time

The spirit Aye-Aye is familiar with the corruption of humanity and would be the first to suspect the treachery of the clones. Fast enough to teleport around the first Avatar’s Firebending, his reflexes show that he would be more than ready for the threat.

Able to possess the attackers’ bodies, it could convert clones to each other and protect itself simultaneously. Considering that the soldiers have no way to wage war against the spirits (now that they had turned against the Jedi and due to the limited number of the Sith), they would have no conceivable way to take down their elusive foe.

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