Sydney to the max follows high school student Sydney Reynolds and her friends as they engage in the shenanigans of tweens as they learn the things of Sydney’s father and grandmother. In true Disney Channel fashion, the 2019 series follows a diverse cast of characters who navigate as they grow and teach real-world lessons to their audience.

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All in the set Sydney to the max he has a unique personality that helps carry the show forward. The strengths and weaknesses of each character materialize to solve whatever situation they find themselves in. As we anticipate the Season 3 premiere, take a look at which characters belong to the MBTI® spectrum.

10 Sydney Reynolds: ENTP / ESTP

Sydney in Sydney to the max

The ENTP and ESTP types on the MBTI® scale are known to be spontaneous and focused on the here and now, just as routines bore them. Sydney’s “living life to the fullest” personality and energetic approach to problem solving help her get through even the most difficult situations.

These guys on the scale can also be outspoken and learn better while doing it, which Sydney demonstrates when at home with her family.

9 Max Reynolds: INTJ

Max Reynolds in Sydney to the Max

As Sydney’s single father, Max works hard to provide for his family while teaching Sydney how to get over her tweens. An INTJ personality type is original and has a great drive to implement ideas and achieve their goals.

Max is college educated and has his own bike shop, which he hooks up with his INTJ type of organizing a job and getting it done. Even though he was a rebellious teenager growing up, his ability to see the patterns of Sydney’s antics and relate them to his own experiences (as an INTJ does) brings a different perspective to his parenting style.

8 Judy Reynolds: INFP

Judy Reynolds in Sydney to the max

As the matriarch of the Reynolds family, Judy wants the best for her son and granddaughter. Being an INFP personality type means that seeking to understand others and help them develop their potential comes naturally to her.

Judy, a more adventurous and spiritual person, wants an outer life that parallels her values ​​as a mother, grandmother, and human being. Her curiosity about Sydney’s antics and her adaptability to her family’s daily setbacks are true to her INFP type.

7 Leo Webb: ISFJ

Leo Webb in Sydney to the max

The friendlier on the MBTI® scale, the ISFJ personality is a very dedicated person who focuses on meeting his obligations. Leo, Max’s best friend and in-law cousin, is known for this exact quality through his tight-knit circle and gives his all in everything he does.

Developing his own mobile app and owning a successful technology company are included in Leo’s resume. Being an ISFJ guy, his thoroughness and precision in his work guide him closer to His achievements. As a friend, Leo cares about the people closest to him and how they feel, which makes him a very loyal and considerate person.

6 Olive Rozalski: ENFJ

Olive Rozalski in Sydney to the max

TV best friends are essential to the dynamics of a show, and Olive and Sydney’s friendship proves that everyone at Clara Barton High School needs an olive. It is similar to the ENFJ type on an MBTI® scale, which means it has a very warm personality. She wants to help her friends reach their full potential because of her great attention to the emotions of the people around her.

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Olive’s sociable quality gives her many empathetic tendencies. She is also very prepared in everything she does; her position in the Emergency Preparedness Club connects with her ENFJ side of being a responsible leader and role model for others.

5 Zach Thompson: ENFP

Zach Thompson in Sydney to the Max

Being the most popular eighth grader at Clara Barton High School is a great job for Zach Thompson, whose ENFP personality on the MBTI® scale is perfect for his reputation.

As an ENFP, Zach needs a lot of affirmation from others, even when he receives a lot of love from his classmates. He is a pro at improvising when he needs to get out of trouble, as he can make connections between information and events quickly. Zach is easily the crush of all girls for his enthusiasm and imaginative mind.

4 Emmy Mendoza: ISFP

Emmy in Sydney to the max

Sydney’s friend Emmy may be calmer, but she’s always on top of what’s going on with her friends. ISTP personalities do not like disagreements, which causes them not to share their opinions or values ​​much with others, just like Emmy in the series.

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Her cooperative and kind aura is contagious, making her a positive friend to Sydney during her high school years. Emmy’s commitment to her values ​​and her inner circle is what ISFPs do best, as this trait is important to her internal success.

3 Vice-director Virmani: ISTJ

Vice Principal Virmani at Sydney to the Max

A follower of rules and an enforcer at heart, Vice Principal Virmani is the textbook definition of an ISTJ personality type.

A more realistic and serious person would prefer to stay out of extracurricular activities. Instead, he focuses on making his high school orderly while following tradition. The ISTJ guys are very logical about how things should be done and take a hands-on approach, which Vice Principal Virmani shows in every episode.

two Ms. Taylor: ESFP

Mrs. Taylor in Sydney to the Max

Zach’s mother, Ms. Taylor, enjoys working with others to make things happen for the PTA in high school. Your ESFP personality translates into your ability to adapt to new people and environments in whatever activity you join.

Like her son, Ms. Taylor is known for her flexibility and spontaneity. She has a genuine love for life and being around people. ESFPs bring common sense to their work, but they make sure their work is fun, no matter the environment.

1 Ms. Harris: ESTJ

Mrs. Harris in Sydney to the Max

Beloved High School Poetry Teacher Clara Barton is laser-focused when it comes to getting efficient results from her students, making Ms. Harris an ESTJ dude on the MBTI® scale.

Ms. Harris is all work, no play when it comes to her poetry lessons, as her vision for her homework has high standards that she wants her students to follow. However, outside of the classroom, his soul is kind and easygoing. ESTJs are known for organizing their projects and the people around them to get things done, which Ms. Harris proudly honors.

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